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Immersion: Women Founders APAC Showcase

Celebrating our eight-week journey

Eight weeks ago, we invited seven women founders from across the APAC region to join Google for Startups Immersion: Women Founders. The program is designed to level the playing field for women-led startups by connecting them to the best Google resources. This showcase is a celebration of their eight-week journey with the program. The purpose is to demonstrate the exceptional women founders and businesses in the APAC region.

Showcase agenda

  • Immersion: Women Founders program highlights.

  • Startup pitches by seven women-led founders in the APAC region.

  • “Women Leaders in Startup Funding” panel discussion with APAC venture capitalists.

2020 APAC founders

Seven women-founded startups from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and India.

Afia Fitriati

Co-founder and CEO of Gadjian

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Hanna Kim

Founder and CEO of Grip

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Sonja Johar

Co-founder and CTO of Halosis

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Kyoko Otawa

Co-founder and CEO of Latona

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Jungeun You

Founder and CEO of Mabo

Learn on Jungeun

Machi Takahashi

Founder and Co-CEO of Stroly

More on Stroly

Khushboo Aggarwal

Co-founder of Zyla

More on Zyla

Meet the panelists

Cindy Jin Portrait

Cindy Jin

Principal at SoftBank Ventures Asia

More on SoftBank Ventures Asia
Chatrien Lestari Portrait

Chatrien Lestari

Vice President at Go-Ventures

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About Founders Academy

Founders Academy is a mentorship-focused program connecting women-founded startups from across the world to the best of Google. Beyond connecting the selected women-founded startups to each other, the program provides companies with access to growth opportunities and investors.

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