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Program Overview

Google for Startups Accelerator supports selected startups on their path to growth and innovation. Through the program, we share our approach to building successful companies, our AI-first methodology, and best practices for leadership. We also connect selected startups to expert mentors from across the globe who can help them solve their top technical and product challenges.

Our mission is to empower developers and startups to solve the world’s biggest challenges with the best of Google. At this moment, our economies need innovation and entrepreneurship more than ever, so we are launching Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe, which will concentrate on helping startups in HealthTech and Wellbeing.

Program Highlights

  • Google's Products

    We offer personalized support, education, and training on Google products (Google Cloud, Firebase, AdMob, AdWords UAC, YouTube) to give startups the tools to build their businesses—simply and quickly.

  • Google's Connections

    We connect startups to Googlers, fellow founders, and our community to give them the network they need to grow. Google for Startups has partners in over 135 countries to support startups with global ambitions.

  • Google's Best Practices

    From OKR-setting and hiring to product management, we share our best practices to support the strategic and measurable growth of your business at scale.

  • Knowledge and Expertise Sharing

    Based on our research and work with a variety of companies across the world, we'll share insights and trends about specific fields.

Selected Startups Receive:

  • Equity-free participation in Accelerator
  • Mentoring from 20+ Google teams
  • Training on design, people, products, and growth marketing
  • Access to Google’s global network of experts and mentors
  • Support on high-level company and product strategy
  • Google Cloud credits and early access to new services

The Accelerator helps startups solve specific technical challenges with Google resources.

Startups in the Google for Startups Accelerator program are paired with Googlers and industry experts to solve their top challenges.

Selected startups receive tailored mentorship and support from relevant Google teams to address business, marketing, technical, and machine learning challenges.

The Accelerator includes 1:1 mentorship and workshops focused on technology, product design, business growth, customer acquisition, and leadership development.

The Accelerator's technical offerings and measurable impact on startups set this program apart.

Key Dates

  • June 14

    Applications open

  • August 24

    Applications close

  • August 30–September 3

    Shortlisted startups notified

  • September 22

    Final cohort selected

  • October 5

    Program kick-off

  • December 9

    Program ends

"I really appreciated the mentors’ support. They helped us see our blind spots. This kind of knowledge only comes from industry leaders with high-level expertise. Contrary to what you may think, the boot camp is a community. We didn't just learn and listen, but we actively contributed, shared, and, ultimately, improved our startup. It also helped us bond as a team. Not only did we leave with an improved product, but we left with a better understanding of ourselves."

- Tina Bychkova, Head of Digital Marketing at Synctuition

Joosep Tinn, COO at Synctuition

"After completing the Google for Startups Accelerator Program in May 2020, we became the third top-grossing meditation app in the U.S. The Accelerator program helped us achieve this milestone by offering us growth development skills and connecting us with a network of leaders, experts, and investors.”

Joosep Tinn, COO at Synctuition

“Google for Startups is one of the best acceleration programs for growth-stage companies in Europe. By participating in the program, we’ve had a chance to refine our essential startup toolkit, including business model design, OKRs, storytelling, HR, marketing, and technology. Google for Startups connected us to amazing mentors and coaches and was a place where we’ve met amazing founders aspiring to change the world with their businesses.”

Piotr Orzechowski, CEO at Infermedica

Piotr Orzechowski, CEO at Infermedica
Agenda graphic

Accelerator Agenda

Check out what you'll learn during the program

Meet Our Key Speakers and Mentors

Get to know some of our key speakers and mentors. More will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • Vint Cerf, headshot, man looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator, Google for Startups
    Vint Cerf

    VP & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

  • Kamil Brzezinski, headshot, woman with brown hair looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Joanna Chwastowska

    Engineering Lead, Google Health UK

  • headshot of Dan Decasper
    Dan Decasper

    Vice President, Engineering Lead of Google Cloud Engineering Site in Warsaw

  • headshot man with glasses james park mentor, Google for Startups Accelerator
    James Park

    VP, GM & Co-Founder, Fitbit

  • Susan Thomas, headshot, woman wearing glasses looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Susan Thomas

    Director, Clinical, Google Health

  • Kamil Brzezinski, headshot, man wearing glasses looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Kamil Brzeziński

    Product Manager at Google

  • Simone Cammel, headshot, woman blonde hair smiling at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Simone Cammel

    Cloud Customer Engineer Data Analytics and AI at Google Cloud

  • headshot of Adam Cheyer
    Adam Cheyer

    Co-Founder Siri and Viv Labs

  • Guillaume Gauthier, man, mouth open looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Guillaume Gauthier

    Industry Manager Healthcare at Google

  • headshot of Oren Hellerman
    Oren Hellerman

    Global Program Manager, Customer Solutions at Google

  • Emma Higham, headshot, woman smiling at camera, EMEA Accelerator, Google for Startups
    Emma Higham

    Product Manager at Google Search

  • Brian Kravitz, headshot, man wearing backpack looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Brian Kravitz

    Senior Product Manager at Google

  • headshot of Mariam Kremer
    Mariam Kremer

    VC and Growth Equity Investment Manager at Lightrock

  • Víctor Castaño Labajo, headshot, man short brown hair smiling at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Víctor Castaño Labajo

    Head of Program Management at Google Health

  • headshot of Cristian Liu
    Cristian Liu

    Head of Strategy and Partnerships Solutions, Health Business Development at Google

  • Sharlene Lopez

    CEO and Co-founder of Eye Catcher

  • headshot of Nelson Luciano
    Nelson Luciano

    Digital Natives Account Executive at Google

  • headshot of Marcin Mierzejewski
    Marcin Mierzejewski

    Engineering Director at Google Cloud

  • headshot of Miguel Diaz Moreno
    Miguel Diaz Moreno

    Sr. Associate, Business Operations and Strategy at Google

  • Michael Munn, headshot, man with blond hair looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Michael Munn

    ML Solutions Engineer at Google

  • Dirk Nachbar, headshot, man looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator, Google for Startups
    Dirk Nachbar

    Head of Applied Data Science EMEA at Google

  • Piotr Orzechowski, headshot, man with brown hair looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Piotr Orzechowski

    CEO of Infermedica

  • Dan Phan, headshot, man with short brown hair smiling at camera, EMEA Accelerator
    Dan Phan

    Product Manager at Fitbit

  • Isabell Sattler headshot, woman with short gray hair, EMEA Accelerator
    Isabell Sattler

    Key Account Manager, Healthcare at Google

  • headshot of Joanna Shan
    Joanna Shan

    Product Strategy and Partnerships at DeepMind

  • headshot of Kobi Shkuri
    Kobi Shkuri

    Principal at LT Capital

  • Bethany Tsui

    Google Ventures Principal

  • Headshot of Salma Vogel
    Salma Vogel

    Head of Analytics & Automation at UiPath

  • closeup photo of man with brown hair smiling
    Martin Weiss

    Data & Insights Consultant Healthcare at Google

  • Krzysztof Zalasa, headshot, man buzzed head looking at camera, EMEA Accelerator, Google for Startups
    Krzysztof Zalasa

    Senior Customer Engineer, Google Cloud Poland

Our Accelerators

Discover Our Alumni

Google for Startups Accelerator offers a wide variety of trainings, workshops, mentoring sessions, and discussions to provide startups with support on a strategic technical project, specific to the company’s immediate growth. Meet the startups who took part in our acceleration programs.

3 editions, 27 startups, 13 countries

Accelerator: Europe

  • AppFarm

    A no-code development platform that helps users create business apps with lightning-fast speed, delivered as a service.

    Location: Norway

  • Codeberry

    A fully localized and gamified coding school for non-English speakers.

    Location: Hungary

  • Deepstash

    An educational platform that changes how we consume and work with information, introducing a new format that is easy to consume and create.

    Location: Romania

  • Infermedica

    A health tech company that developed a diagnostic engine to collect intake data, check symptoms, and guide patients to the right care.

    Location: Poland

  • Milkstrip

    A health tech company that offers a test strip designed to check the ingredients and quality of breast milk.

    Location: Israel

  • Sqin

    A beauty tech company changing the world of beauty retail by creating the world’s #1 beauty community app.

    Location: Germany

  • Sundose

    A manufacturer of data-driven diet supplements that provides the most accurately tailored health formula to fit each customer's unique needs.

    Location: Poland

  • Xeropan

    A platform that motivates language learners through an intuitive game powered by the most advanced AI.

    Location: Hungary

  • Yosh.AI

    A deep-tech company that automates the communication between companies and their users, through AI voice and text assistants.

    Location: Poland

Mobile Accelerator: Warsaw, Poland

  • Ahoy Games

    Ahoy Games focuses on classic board games for mobile. With four products and 2.2M monthly active users, the company plans to focus on games with online interactions and social features.

    Location: Poland

  • Bon Games

    BON Games is a Finnish gaming studio founded in March 2017. Its first game, Transit King Tycoon, was published in June 2018 and continues to win over new fans worldwide.

    Location: Finland

  • Chess and Checkers Games

    Chess and Checkers is a Polish game development studio creating and publishing classic board games, Checkers (Draughts), Chess, and Mancala. The company's priority is offering its users high-quality products and constantly improving gameplay.

    Location: Poland

  • highCore Games

    highCore Games is focused on developing multiplayer mobile games. Its most successful games are Tanks a Lot and Hoop Stars.

    Location: Belarus

  • PowerPlay Studio

    PowerPlay Studio is one of the largest Slovak gaming studios. It produces mainly sports games. Most of its products are freemium games focused on IAP, recently added IAA with AdMob monetization.

    Location: Slovakia

  • Reality Games

    Reality Games creates games based on big data as content. Its mobile games are based on live, real-world data.

    Location: Poland

  • Synctuition

    Synctuition is an advanced relaxation program focusing on audio meditation and self-discovery with 80 sound journeys featuring 3D sounds, gamma waves, and binaural beats.

    Location: Estonia

  • Two Desperados

    Two Desperados is a Belgrade-based, mobile game development studio. Its games, Woka Woka and Viola's Quest, are the #1 marble shooter games with over 30M players. The company is focused on creating entertaining moments and memorable experiences for its millions of players worldwide.

    Location: Serbia

  • Webelinx

    Webelinx creates interactive stories and sports games. The company has a passion, excellence, and quality that shows in each of its games. Beautiful graphics and creative ideas distinguish its products and have made Webelinx the largest mobile gaming studio in Serbia.

    Location: Serbia

  • T-Bull

    T-Bull is a new, Poland-based technology company with half a billion downloads. It specializes in the design, production, and distribution of games for mobile devices and PC.

    Location: Poland

Cybersecurity Accelerator: Malaga, Spain

  • CyberBlue

    CyberBlue uses artificial intelligence to detect cyberbullying in social media posts.

    Location: Spain

  • CyberSmart

    CyberSmart is making cybersecurity simple and accessible to everyone. It's working to give every business, no matter how small, the tools to protect themselves easily and effectively with automated information security compliance for SMEs.

    Location: UK

  • Keynetic Technologies

    Keynetic is an innovative cybersecurity SME that develops its own products for network security and intelligence by leveraging the most advanced software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), network automation, and machine learning technologies.

    Location: Spain

  • Keystroke DNA

    Keystroke DNA confirms and protects identities and business online with behavioral biometric authentication based on keystroke dynamics. The startup is addressing the growing problem of online fraud and traditional authentication methods losing reliability.

    Location: Estonia

  • Koodous

    Koodous is a collaborative platform for Android malware research that combines the power of online analysis tools with social interactions between the analysts over a vast APK repository.

    Location: Spain

  • Ironchip

    Ironchip’s artificial intelligence defines and certifies a safe place. It analyzes the radio waves of the environment without needing easy-to-spoof measures.

    Location: Spain

  • Securekids

    Securekids helps families and schools manage and protect Android devices, so they know their children are using them in a safe way.

    Location: Spain

  • TechHeroX

    TechHeroX is a gamified mobile learning app that brings awareness to users' cybersecurity and data protection. To engage users, the app includes virtual reality, interactive videos, and chatbots for its microlearning and storytelling games.  

    Location: Spain