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Immersion: Black Founders

About the program

The Google for Startups Black Founders Immersion is a 12-week program for high-potential startups from the UK, France, and the Netherlands. The twelve selected companies are partnered with experienced Google mentors, specialists and investors to help them grow and give them better access to fundraising opportunities while further advancing their leadership skills.

Program benefits

Immersion: Black Founders brings the best of Google to selected startups.

  • Set and track OKRs

    Learn how to use Google’s goal-setting methodology to set ambitious targets and track progress.

  • Manage technical teams

    Discover how to create a bigger impact in the workplace. Founders learn new leadership tools to improve their goal-setting, team-building, and management skills.

  • Hire the right team

    Recruiting the right people for the team is critical to a startup’s success but no easy task. Founders learn how to make better, more inclusive hiring decisions through each stage of the process—from writing job descriptions and interviewing strategies to assembling hiring committees.

  • Product-market fit

    Adapt to new customer behavior and bring your company to the next level. Founders gain a more complete set of tools to help them navigate the challenges ahead.

  • Dedicated leadership coaching

    Especially in moments of crisis, effective team management is critical to a company’s success. Through methodologies and tools, founders learn how to keep up productivity even in uncertain times.

Meet the founders