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  • 12min

    12min is a Mobile SaaS platform that provides career, business, and self-development book summaries to be listened or read in a couple minutes, on the go.

    Campus São Paulo Education
  • 9fin logo

    9fin’s technology helps search, filter and analyse the world’s fixed income financial data, allowing professionals to make better investment decisions.

    Campus London Health / Medical
  • Abi Global Health logo
    Abi Global Health

    Abi, connects people to doctors for quick advice or in-depth consultations from anywhere in the world.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical
  • Activy

    Activy Bike2Work is a mobile cycling game which help non-sporty people to build healthy habits by having fun.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • is an app to connect generations in order to combat isolation for the elders, while young people learn values and experiences during the visits.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical
  • Agamon
    Agamon is a healthcare intelligence platform using AI to unlock the value of critical textual data, make it available and provide insights for healthcare organizations to improve clinical performance.
    Campus Tel Aviv Health / Medical
  • Ahazou

    Ahazou is a Digital Assistant for Small Business owners to boost their Brand on social media channels. It creates and recommend marketing content based on customer's preferences and engagement.

    Campus São Paulo Advertising
  • AIM

    AIM is a fintech startup that provides cost-efficient fintech asset management service for ordinary people.

    Campus Seoul Fintech Woman Founder
  • Alcacruz

    Alcacruz developed an innovative VR video streaming technology called Superstream LIVE, which allows streaming the highest quality VR videos with the lowest data rate.

    Campus Seoul Design / UX
  • alice logo

    Alice is a decentralised network that helps identify and scale provably effective social and environmental projects.

    Campus London Social Impact Woman Founder
  • Altostra

    Altostra is a holistic solution that enables developers to design, deploy, & deliver cloud applications &, at the same time, allows the organization to govern, control, and approve the environments.

    Campus Tel Aviv Data & Analytics Woman Founder
  • Alugalogo

    Alugalogo is a platform for renting industry and construction equipment. It connects rentals and renters, speeding up the rental process and reducing idle fleet.

    Campus São Paulo Construction / Real Estate
  • Amazer

    Amazer is an app where people can upload videos and show their hidden talents. Viewers can watch two videos playing simultaneously and choose their favorite video in daily competitions.

    Campus Seoul Entertainment
  • ApetEat

    ApetEat is a digital corporate catering services company. They fulfill a daily necessity: serving lunch in an inconvenient context, the office, as well as adding value to the company.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Applied logo

    Applied is a recruitment platform that hire the best, regardless of their background.

    Campus London Human Resources Woman Founder
  • Apposha

    Apposha provides database acceleration technologies that maximizes throughput and minimizes latency, instantly without application code changes nor hardware updates.

    Campus Seoul Data & Analytics
  • Archidraw

    Archidraw provides tools and services for interior, architecture and construction professionals so that they can create the space they dreamt of seamlessly from plan to reality.

    Campus Seoul Construction / Real Estate
  • Autenti

    Accelerate document approvals with one-click e-signatures.

    Campus Warsaw Cybersecurity / Security
  • Autsera

    A VR mobile game designed to help children with autism understand social situations.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Baby&Me


    Baby&Me is a brand for practical and innovative products for early infancy, supported by a community of mothers that actively participates in the creation and distribution of these products.

    Campus São Paulo Ecommerce / Consumer Woman Founder
  • Barkyn Logo

    Barkyn is a subscription for all that your pet needs. One fee, all problems solved in one pack: food, a surprise box (full of goodies), local services (like vets) and support (chat, email and voice).

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Been There Together
    Been There Together

    BEEN THERE TOGETHER is a single player card game for playing in public spaces.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports Woman Founder
  • beliive

    beliive is a collaborative time exchanging network that allows people to live new experiences using their knowledge and skills as currency.

    Campus São Paulo Social Networking Woman Founder
  • bnext

    BNEXT is the first marketplace bank. You do not need a bank because now you can build you own bank choosing the products that best suit you from the best fintechs out there.

    Campus Madrid Fintech
  • Cassiopeia

    Cassiopeia fosters a healthier, more inclusive workplace by empowering executives with an in-depth view of their company's inclusion map through a AI-based model analyzing data sources.

    Campus Tel Aviv Human Resources Woman Founder
  • ChatClass

    ChatClass is the next generation conversational learning platform, powered by artificial and human intelligence, to assist English teachers and students at schools.

    Campus São Paulo Education
  • Clarive

    Clarive is a DevOps platform that helps teams collaborate to deliver software from idea to production in less time and with less tools.

    Campus Madrid Productivity
  • Cognitum

    Cognitum helps people make better decisions, using unique technology to encode human feelings, intuitions, and emotions.

    Campus Warsaw Social Impact
  • CoinManager

    CoinManager supports almost all coin and exchange information on a single application. With great user experience and direct APIs from exchanges, over 200,000 crypto-investors use the service.

    Campus Seoul Fintech
  • Common Computer
    Common Computer

    Common Computer builds a transparent network to measure the value of computer and user activities around the world so that everyone can share intellectual properties and resources at proper value.

    Campus Seoul Other
  • Compare Ethics
    Compare Ethics

    A search platform that allows consumers to easily find sustainable and ethical products that are right for them.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Comprea

    Comprea is a service to get your groceries delivered in 1h from your favourite supermarkets by Professional Shoppers.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Confere Cartões
    Confere Cartões

    Confere Cartões integrates and automates all different credit card sales in only one place. The solution helps SMBs with its cash flux, from the moment of the sale to the payment itself.

    Campus São Paulo Fintech
  • Cosmobots

    Cosmobots is an all-in-one intuitive platform to create and manage ChatBots oriented to customer service.

    Campus São Paulo Data & Analytics
  • Crimson Pine
    Crimson Pine

    Crimson Pine is games and lifestyle apps development studio based in Poland with already 10 games published.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Cuponeria

    Cuponeria offers discount coupons and connects advertisers to the final public. It’s a media performance service for retailing and also an economy platform for users.

    Campus São Paulo Advertising Woman Founder
  • Daye logo

    Daye is the go to platform for all things female health, starting with pain-relieving, plastic-free period care.

    Campus London Health / Medical
  • Declarando

    Accounting software with a digital tax advisor. Our platform is used by freelancers to keep their books, invoicing and filing taxes online.

    Campus Madrid Fintech Woman Founder
  • Deplace logo

    From creating a professional ad to the closing process, Deplace helps selling your house for a flat fee of 2,990 euros.

    Campus Madrid Construction / Real Estate Woman Founder
  • Designovel

    Designovel combines fashion and AI technology together to revolutionize the fashion industry.

    Campus Seoul Design / UX
  • DockTech

    DockTech is monitoring current shipping conditions by collecting data generated by vessels' sensor. This enables us to estimate what are the current constrains and predict future conditions.

    Campus Tel Aviv Data & Analytics
  • Docuvo Logo


    A smarter search app for your files.

    Campus London Productivity
  • Doinn

    Doinn is a platform that allows short-rental property managers to buy cleaning, laundry, linen rental and checkin services to professional hospitality vendors in a few seconds.

    Campus Madrid Travel / Hospitality Woman Founder
  • Drafteam


    Drafteam is a brazilian Fantasy Game platform that offers different sports. It allows its users to play their favorite game, at the time, location, and device of their preference.

    Campus São Paulo Gaming / E-sports
  • EasyCrédito

    EasyCrédito connects people with little access to financial services to companies that offer loans and financing. The platform creates an online credit contract experience focusing on the consumer.

    Campus São Paulo Fintech
  • ECC Games
    ECC Games

    ECC Games is a console and mobile developer of high quality motorsports games and applications.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Embryonics

    Embryonics is developing AI algorithms & optical systems to improve the process & results of in vitro fertilization treatments, to improve each step of IVF process and boost its success rates.

    Campus Tel Aviv Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • EuReciclo

    EuReciclo connects consumer goods companies to recyclers through Recycling Certificates, generating an environmental, social and financial impact.

    Campus São Paulo Sustainability / Cleantech
  • Feebris logo

    Feebris provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for precision diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory conditions.

    Campus London Biotech / Life Sciences Woman Founder
  • Fhinck

    Fhinck is a software that applies real time Artificial Intelligence to teams hardwares in order to identify productivity gaps and increase efficiency.

    Campus São Paulo Productivity Woman Founder
  • Fiszkoteka

    Fiszkoteka is an online platform that provides efficient learning by the use of multimedia flashcards.They deliver over 90 professional language courses and help users learn a broad range of subjects.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • FroHub

    An online marketplace for appointments and products tailored to black hair care.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Frontity

    Frontity uses the latest web tech to significantly improve WordPress performance on mobile devices, offering a great UX to readers.

    Campus Madrid Publishing / Content Creation
  • Fuero Games
    Fuero Games

    Fuero Games is a game development studio consisting of over 30 industry professionals focused on delivering high quality games for their players.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Fundeen logo

    Fundeen is the first Spanish crowdfunding platform that democratizes renewable energy investments making them accessible to everyone from as low as 500 €.

    Campus Madrid Social Impact
  • Funstudio

    Funstudio identified the rising popularity of word games and decided to come with their mobile version, with high-focus on word quality (powered by the Oxford dictionaries databases) and fun gameplay.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Gaviti
    Gaviti is a receivable collections solution designed to allow companies to collect payments faster, improve cash flow, and increase collection productivity.
    Campus Tel Aviv Fintech
  • GomiLabs


    GomiLabs strives to help pets lead healthier, happier lives with “Gomi”, a machine-learning enabled intelligent toy. Gomi robot helps relieve separation anxiety disorder using intelligent software.

    Campus Seoul Data & Analytics Woman Founder
  • GoParity logo

    GoParity is a personal finance and investment app that connects people and companies with impactful projects in need of funding: where fintech meets cleantech.

    Campus Madrid Fintech
  • Grafik Optymalny
    Grafik Optymalny

    Grafik Optymalny is a SaaS platform that allows users to create work schedules in accordance with many regulations, such as work demand, contract types and employees availability.

    Campus Warsaw Productivity Woman Founder
  • Green Running

    Energy monitoring and power saving solutions for business.

    Campus London Energy
  • GrowthSpace

    GrowthSpace replaces traditional employee training (workshops, seminars) with personalized 1X1 training. GrowthSpace offers personalized training at the cost of traditional training.

    Campus Tel Aviv Education
  • GTN Ltd
    GTN Ltd

    GTN combines machine learning and quantum physics to efficiently discover innovative new drug-like molecules, creating substantial efficiencies in the whole drug development cycle.

    Campus London Biotech / Life Sciences
  • Gupy

    Gupy is a SaaS platform for medium and large companies that automates talent recruiting and selection through candidates management and recommendation based on People Analytics and AI.

    Campus São Paulo Human Resources Woman Founder
  • Frontity

    Heepsy provides technology for influencer marketing efforts, helping companies and agencies find, analyse and contact people with large social media audiences.

    Campus Madrid Advertising
  • HobbyBox

    HobbyBox is a hobby curation startup that helps everyone find a hobby that is right for them.

    Campus Seoul Ecommerce / Consumer Woman Founder
  • Hondana

    Hondana transforms information in a productivity tool for performance. Their chatbot allows companies to interact with remote sales teams, allowing communications, trainings and results assessment.

    Campus São Paulo Human Resources
  • Hotailors

    Hotailors is an AI-powered marketplace for travel retailers and companies with frequent business travelers. With a million hotels in 198 countries they are helping travel agents sell more hotel rooms.

    Campus Warsaw Travel / Hospitality
  • Humanscape

    Humanscape is finding the solution to incurable diseases by curating Personal Health Data using blockchain technology.

    Campus Seoul Health / Medical
  • Idoven

    They seek to detect heart problems at an early stage to prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death by offering top-quality cardiologic reports supported by AI algorithms.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical
  • IDwall

    IDwall is a platform that automates companies' decision-making processes through the automatic collection of data and artificial intelligence.

    Campus São Paulo Cybersecurity / Security
  • Instalent

    Instalent redefines how recruiters work and makes international recruitment more simple, powered by human connections. They enable independent recruiters to work in a crowdsourced, split-fee model.

    Campus Warsaw Human Resources
  • Jaranda

    Jaranda provides child care service for kindergarteners and elementary school students. When parents enter their child's information, the service recommends the right teacher based on the data.

    Campus Seoul Education
  • Jet Toast
    Jet Toast

    Jet Toast is a startup specializing in free-to-play mobile games with one released title: Blocky Farm.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • JovianX

    JovianX Platform is a SaaS builder for cloud-native applications and SaaS back-office management platform.

    Campus Tel Aviv Other
  • KareInn

    KareInn is an intelligent care network transforming the care sector by unlocking the power of data to generate meaningful insights & coordinate care.

    Campus London Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • Kredytmarket

    A lending platform for Polish small businesses; Financial services to entrepreneurs.

    Campus Warsaw Fintech Woman Founder
  • Labstep Ltd
    Labstep Ltd

    Labstep captures real-time scientific process data to make lab research more reproducible.

    Campus London Biotech / Life Sciences
  • Leadgence

    Leadgence helps B2B financial services companies improve their sales conversion by finding precise buying intent signals.

    Campus Tel Aviv Data & Analytics Woman Founder
  • Leaf Envy
    Leaf Envy

    A plant brand that provides you with tailored plant recommendations, care tips and watering reminders.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Limbic logo

    Limbic is AI for Mental Wellness.

    Campus London Health / Medical
  • LiveCall

    LiveCall is a lead generation and callback software. It enables to boost the number of inbound sales calls by targeting the client’s website visitors that are displaying an interest in their product.

    Campus Warsaw Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Localistico

    Localistico make local businesses easier to find online.

    Campus London Data & Analytics
  • Logispot

    Logispot is a total logistics management solution which offers everything needed for enterprise logistics from digital logtistics platform to smart freight transportation.

    Campus Seoul Logistics
  • is a local and organic food marketplace connecting farmers and artisans directly with consumers.

    Campus Warsaw Food & Beverage Woman Founder
  • Maji

    Using AI and behavioural nudges to help solve the nation’s pension crisis

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Mediação Online
    Mediação Online

    Mediação Online is a platform for extrajudicial conflicts mediation. By uniting the parties of a conflict to a mediator, it simplifies and accelerates conflict resolution keeping legal validity.

    Campus São Paulo Legal Tech Woman Founder
  • Mendelian logo

    Mendelian accelerates the diagnosis of rare and hard to diagnose genetic diseases by building smart software for clinicians, health providers and patients.

    Campus London Health / Medical
  • Moneto

    Moneto is a management platform for charges and online payments. By using Moneto's app self-employed professionals and microentrepreneurs can perform a diverse set of financial transactions.

    Campus São Paulo Fintech
  • Mobile Arts
    Mobile Arts

    Mobile Arts is game dev studio focused on free-to-play games. Their goal is to constantly deliver high quality games for casual gamers with most popular application being "Don't touch my phone".

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Mona Labs

    Mona Labs

    Mona is an analytics solution for AI models. Mona enables data scientists and engineers to validate that their models are built and behave as intended, continuously.
    Campus Tel Aviv Data & Analytics
  • Mumablue

    We want to promote reading among children by letting them be heroes in their own fairytale, and reinforcing moral values in a direct way.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer Woman Founder
  • MythicOwl

    MythicOwl is creating quality games that inspire players to learn new skills. They want to encourage players to get the best out of gaming experience, giving products a creative, educational twist.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • N2B

    N2B provides healthcare through nutrition, offering menus according to objectives, a chat with nutritionists, and a food timeline where users posts meals and receive real time nutritional analysis.

    Campus São Paulo Health / Medical
  • Nama

    Nama is a Saas CRM platform and chat that uses artificial intelligence to attend users connected via Web Chat, Facebook, SMS, Telegram, Slack, among others.

    Campus São Paulo Data & Analytics
  • Navilens

    Empowers visually-impaired people through a 2D code using a computer vision algorithm. Detected by the camera of a mobile device, interprets the information, and transmits it for autonomous guidance.

    Campus Madrid Other Woman Founder
  • NearSt

    NearSt is a local eCommerce platform that makes it faster and easier for shoppers to buy from high street stores than order online.

    Campus London Ecommerce / Consumer Woman Founder
  • NeuroDigital

    NeuroDigital enables the Sense of Touch into XR thanks to Avatar VR glove. Haptics, Motion Capture and built-in Smart Controller capabilities to achieve a truly immersive experience.

    Campus Madrid Gaming / E-sports
  • Obuu

    OBUU has developed STOCKWATCH, a software suite able to define Cost vs Efficiency curves linking directly the investment in spare parts, discardable units, specific tools, or all together.

    Campus Madrid Data & Analytics
  • Onyo

    Onyo is a platform through which restaurants can organize themselves and customers can order and pay ahead and just be notified when their order is ready for pickup.

    Campus São Paulo Ecommerce / Consumer
  • OriginalMy

    OriginalMy uses blockchain to register and authenticate digital documents, sign contracts, and protect intellectual property rights.

    Campus São Paulo Legal Tech Woman Founder
  • Oscar Senior
    Oscar Senior

    A platform to enable all seniors to access internet so they can remain connected to family, friends, caregivers and useful services.

    Campus Warsaw Health / Medical
  • Ovufriend

    Ovufriend help women conceive faster, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and raise healthy, smart, and happy kids. They provide users with personalized and quantitative feedback based on daily inputs.

    Campus Warsaw Education
  • Pace

    Pace is reinventing hotel revenue management by giving hotels the power to always price for optimal revenues.

    Campus London Travel / Hospitality
  • Peaksel

    Peaksel they specialize in creating, publishing and marketing of mobile games and apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Pexxi

    A platform for female health that dismisses the ‘one size fits all’ approach to female contraception.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Pluvi.On

    Pluvi.on is a network of rain measurement stations. It uses machine learning and real time hiperlocal information to warn the population, the government, and the private sector of the risk of floods.

    Campus São Paulo Smart Cities Woman Founder
  • PelviFly

    1/3 of women suffers from urinary incontinence and pelvic floor muscles exercises are the first line of defence. PelviFly simplifies the access to practitioners and allows to exercise at home.

    Campus Warsaw Health / Medical
  • Prazen

    Prazen is a hardware startup that develops optical technologies of the future. Its AR glasses feature module enabled ultra wide field of view, similar to human’s FOV(Field of Vision).

    Campus Seoul Design / UX Woman Founder
  • Predina logo


    Predina use AI to predict and prevent the risk of road accidents based on context.

    Campus London Social Impact
  • ProDeaf

    ProDeaf breaks communication barriers via a platform that translates oral languages to sign languages.

    Campus São Paulo Social Impact
  • Proportunity

    Proportunity uses predictive technology to invest in First Time Buyers’ deposits and transform generation rent into generation own.

    Campus London Other
  • Quotiss

    A software, designed for container shipping companies, which helps freight forwarders to simplify their freight management process and quote freight rates in one click.

    Campus Warsaw Productivity Woman Founder
  • Quryon

    Quryon is a AI powered text analysis platform. Quryon helps enterprises analyze text data to help solve various business needs.

    Campus Seoul Data & Analytics
  • RatedPower

    RatedPower finds the smartest way to maximize the value of solar power plants. Their cloud-based SaaS scans millions of iterations until finding the best configuration. 4 weeks of work into 5 minutes.

    Campus Madrid Energy
  • is a customer experience automation platform. We automate 1:1 conversations at scale using AI for messaging and voice channels.

    Campus Madrid Productivity
  • Routive

    Routive is a website for travellers who want to travel on their own but look for reliability. Book routes with local drivers and guides, and activities in Indonesia and Morocco.

    Campus Madrid Travel / Hospitality
  • Runator


    Runator is the global runner community. Share running experiences, meet new runners and compete in duels and global races.

    Campus Madrid Sports Woman Founder
  • Saillog
    Saillog utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms for crop disease and pest management.
    Campus Tel Aviv AgTech
  • SciApps

    Sci Apps empower consumers to make decisions for themselves by aggregating expert evidence & research across 230k+ ingredients in skincare products.

    Campus London Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • Scicrop

    Scicrop is a technology startup to agribusiness. It brings a smart farming solution and big data analytics that allows for risk analysis, increase in productivity and field resource optimization.

    Campus São Paulo AgTech
  • Sensedata

    Sensedata is a Customer Success platform that supports its users on customer adherence and management.

    Campus São Paulo Productivity
  • sepiia

    We are a smart apparel brand. Our mission is to develop, design and manufacture easy-to-care clothes that gives comfort to the user.

    Campus Madrid Fashion / Beauty Woman Founder
  • Skore

    Skore is a cross-team knowledge platform that ties into users workflow allowing information transfer and quicker results.

    Campus São Paulo Productivity
  • SmarttBot

    Smarttbot works with Stock Market investment automation. The robots remove the client psychological factor from the investment process and free them of the need of consistent monitoring the market.

    Campus São Paulo Fintech
  • Social Miner
    Social Miner

    Social Miner is a marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify e-commerce visitors, find out their interests, and engage them through humanized campaigns.

    Campus São Paulo Advertising
  • SoundTrack AI
    SoundTrack AI

    SoundTrack AI analyzes the acoustic signature of mechanical systems to assess their operational state and predict maintenance issues in real time.

    Campus Tel Aviv Manufacturing
  • Spill

    Spill is an app that allows you to message your counsellor every day. Our aim is to change the perception of talking therapy.

    Campus London Health / Medical
  • Spry

    Spry is a research startup based on crowdsourcing. Any user with a smartphone can become a researcher after taking remote courses and use his app to conduct paid face-to-face interviews.

    Campus São Paulo Data & Analytics
  • StoryMax

    StoryMax creates appealing and engaging app-books for tablets and smartphones, providing deep, learning and self-reflecting reading experiences.

    Campus São Paulo Education
  • Streamlyzer


    Streamlyzer is a powerful analytics platform for video streaming success.

    Campus Seoul Data & Analytics
  • Student Finance
    Student Finance

    Student Finance is a Fintech company focused on helping partner schools and universities financing students’ education through Income-Share-Agreements (ISA), to help increase educational opportunity.

    Campus Madrid Fintech Woman Founder
  • Synthesized logo

    Synthesized unlocks data's full potential whilst protecting people's privacy.

    Campus London Data & Analytics
  • Tera

    Tera is a school that counts with a network of experts to promote the digital economy through data science, digital marketing, UX, design, product and programing knowledge.

    Campus São Paulo Education
  • Teravoz

    Teravoz is a PABX solution with telephony APIs that facilitates voice call and improve customer relationships.

    Campus São Paulo Telecommunications
  • theConstruct

    Design review platform in VR.

    Campus Warsaw Design / UX
  • ThirdEye Labs
    ThirdEye Labs

    ThirdEye measures in-store activities to provide insights that improve customer experience using vision technology.

    Campus London Data & Analytics
  • Tickitto

    An intelligent pocket concierge that offers its users a personalised ticket buying experience.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • TIFY

    A search engine for consumer data analytics that is making the mining of user-generated data ethical and affordable.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Tot-em

    Tot-em designs jewelry pieces with the sound waves of your voice. Enter and record any sound. A few days later, you'll receive a real object that contains that sound.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Trakto

    Trakto is an app that lets professionals and companies create and publish impacting marketing materials.

    Campus São Paulo Advertising
  • True AI
    True AI

    True Ai's machine learning improves customer support agent efficiency, so they can focus on conversations that matter.

    Campus London Data & Analytics
  • Triporate

    We are going to be the most efficient corporate travel agency in the world thanks to a human+artificial Intelligence mix.

    Campus Madrid Travel / Hospitality Woman Founder
  • Unono

    Unono is a curated marketplace of job opportunities for Young Talent. Today, more than 60k candidates are using Unono to kick­off their careers.

    Campus Madrid Human Resources
  • Upbeat Games
    Upbeat Games

    Upbeat Games is a mobile game developer. Its mission is to create fun, highly engaging social games that can be played anywhere with mobile devices.

    Campus São Paulo Gaming / E-sports Woman Founder
  • UserEngage

    UserEngage is an easy-to-use software aimed at increasing user engagement and conversion on every step of the sales funnel.

    Campus Warsaw Social Networking
  • Valeet

    On-Demand Valet Parking & Car Services App

    Campus Madrid Automotive
  • Vinehealth

    Using AI and behaviour science to improve cancer outcomes by tracking symptoms, side effects, medications and lifestyle data.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Vinterior

    Vinterior is a curated marketplace for vintage & design furniture.

    Campus London Ecommerce / Consumer Woman Founder
  • Vixa Games
    Vixa Games

    Vixa Games is a Polish indie games developer studio. Vixa Games is up to its tricks since 2016, proudly sticking to its objective to make great mobile games and explore new genres and platforms.

    Campus Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Vooozer

    Vooozer is a one stop solution for publishers to distribute audio versions of their text content within their own websites, enhancing their content reach, acquiring customer loyalty with positive ROI.

    Campus São Paulo Publishing / Content Creation
  • WealthArc

    A cloud-based, wealth management platform for private banks and investment advisors that leverages big data and AI to empower investors and advisors to navigate the world of investment management.

    Campus Warsaw Fintech
  • WealthKernel

    Next generation B2B provider of automated investment advice & back-office servicing.

    Campus London Fintech
  • Woom Fertility
    Woom Fertility

    WOOM is a data model driven app to empower women to maximize chances of pregnancy.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • xchanger

    Currency exchange platform that helps SMEs save up to 25% on foreign currency transactions.

    Campus Warsaw Fintech Woman Founder
  • YeaStudio

    Yea Studio promotes positive, sensitive, and passionate attitude by making creative apps. Colorfil, Yea Studio's main app, is a coloring app for adults to help relieving stress.

    Campus Seoul Entertainment
  • YData

    Generates usable and shareable smart synthetic data in three phases: Ingest the original data; Process the data and train our deep learning model; Generate new data with no link to the original one.

    Campus Madrid Data & Analytics Woman Founder
  • yestersen

    Online marketplace platform for vintage design.

    Campus Warsaw Design / UX
  • YHangry

    An affordable way to hire restaurant-calibre chefs to cook you a bespoke meal in your home.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Convenia

    Convenia is a startup founded in 2013 with two main business units: (i) a SaaS loyalty platform to engage employees / customers; (ii) a SaaS all-in-one platform to manage HR in Brazilian SMBs.

    Campus São Paulo Human Resources
  • Creators

    Creators is an HR Tech that provides creative work on demand. Through algorithms and specialized curatorship, we connect high-performance freelancers with companies in an agile and secure way.

    Campus São Paulo Advertising Woman Founder
  • Cuidas

    Cuidas is a corporate, primary care provider whose medical professionals attend you at your office or via telemedicine. 

    Campus São Paulo Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • Gove

    Gove facilitates the decision making process for governments from start to finish through our platform. We integrate with internal ERP systems, collect and analyse data, bringing user friendly specialised data, to support daily decisions and the implementation of solutions which increase efficiency in governments.

    Campus São Paulo Government
  • Hrestart

    Hrestart provides a complete onboarding journey for new company professionals, going through fully automated admission, choice of benefits and onboarding, reducing the time of the admission process by up to 80%.

    Campus São Paulo Human Resources Woman Founder
  • Linkana

    Linkana is a Procurement software that simplifies supplier management routines, by automating bureaucratic work for compliance, evaluation and registration procedures.

    Campus São Paulo Productivity
  • Linker

    Linker is a Small Business Bank. They provide financial services to entrepreneurs. From daily banking services to custom-made solutions focused on the issues an early-stage company faces.

    Campus São Paulo Fintech Woman Founder
  • Vittude

    Vittude is an employer-sponsored benefit that connects employees, spouses, and their dependents to mental and emotional health care providers. We offer an effective, convenient, and personalized service. Using technology, proven therapeutic methods, and a network of top therapists.

    Campus São Paulo Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • Yubb

    Yubb is the first investment comparison service in Brazil. We focus on enabling people to find the best investment opportunities within Brazilian financial markets, while allowing investment companies to better advertise their financial products and services.

    Campus São Paulo Fintech
  • Bold Health
    Bold Health

    A digital therapeutics company helping patients manage their chronic digestive conditions through app-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

    Campus London Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • Captur Photos
    Captur Photos

    Automating visual inspections for the sharing economy.

    Campus London Data & Analytics Woman Founder
  • Erase All Kittens
    Erase All Kittens

    An adventure game designed to teach children transferable digital skills, and inspire girls to code.

    Campus London Gaming / E-sports Woman Founder
  • Kinfo

    The 1st recommendation platform from and for parents.

    Campus London Woman Founder
  • Knabu

    To provide fintech companies access to the global financial system.

    Campus London Banking & Accounting Woman Founder
  • Musemio

    A VR edtech platform that bridges culture with curriculum.

    Campus London Education Woman Founder
  • Sano Genetics
    Sano Genetics

    A patient-centric digital biobank that facilitates collection of health & genomic data from patients, providing fast & cost-effective recruitment & data sourcing for clinical trials & drug discovery.

    Campus London Biotech / Life Sciences Woman Founder
  • The Future Fox
    The Future Fox

    Helping citizens lead the future of their cities.

    Campus London Social Impact
  • Unitary

    Moderating content for a safer internet.

    Campus London Data & Analytics Woman Founder
  • Wild AI
    Wild AI

    The smart coach for female athletes.

    Campus London Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • quotabook

    Quotabook is an equity management platform that helps companies and investors keep track of equity more accurately and securely.

    Campus Seoul Fintech
  • Motion2AI

    Motion2AI provides AI services and SDKs for warehouse mobility to improve efficiency and safety.

    Campus Seoul Logistics
  • Pixelic

    Pixelic is a design collaboration software for product teams enhancing clarity and alignment between design and engineering.

    Campus Seoul Design / UX
  • is a voice conversion, creation and replication platform that helps individuals and enterprises create authentic video and audio content.

    Campus Seoul Data & Analytics
  • LabSD

    LabSD is a social venture that aims to eliminate preventable blindness in low and middle income countries with a comprehensive eye health solution.

    Campus Seoul Biotech / Life Sciences
  • DA:Ground

    DA:Ground is a financial platform that provides cryptocurrency-based personal financial services using blockchain and various cutting-edge technologies.

    Campus Seoul Fintech
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