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[ES] Startup School: Segments in Google Analytics

The ability to create segments of your user base is an extremely powerful feature within Google Analytics. It’s hard to do meaningful analysis in Google Analytics without segments. This session will introduce you to the functionality and show how you can get the most benefit out of segmentation.

Course agenda

  1. The importance of segments - What is their purpose and where are they used? 
  2. Decisions using segments - How do you construct a segment and what types of segments can be built? What kinds of insights can I get by applying segments to the different standard reports? 
  3. Sharing segments - How do you create an audience from a segment and where can audiences be deployed? How do I create a segment on a Data Studio dashboard?

Who should attend 

Any startup founder who wants to delve deeper into their user base to not only understand performance amongst different distinct groups of Users, but to serve personalised advertising to these groups too. If you do not already have Google Analytics set up, we have a demo account that you can use during the session! 

What you’ll gain

You’ll be comfortable building simple, intermediate and advanced segments within Google Analytics and how you can use segments for marketing and personalisation or in a Data Studio dashboard. 

This course is a part 2 out of 2 on Google Analytics. Discover more at

Idioma: English
Fecha y hora

miércoles, 24, febrero 2021
3:00 p. m. - 5:00 p. m.

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