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Startup School: Google Data Studio

Startup School: Introduction to Google Data Studio


Data Studio is Google’s dashboarding / reporting tool that allows you to visualise data from most Google products (and from other tools through using Google Sheets) in an appealing, user-friendly way.

We will help you to understand from both a technical and a strategic point of view how your organisation can get the most out of this free product and tell a story using data.

Course agenda

  1. Introduction to Google Data Studio - What can it do for you and how does it work? 
  2. Measurement Planning - What data sources are available for use and how do you configure them in Data Studio? Creating a schema and a wireframe.
  3. Telling a Data Story - How do you use the dashboarding interface and what are some best practices for creating a great dashboard?

Who should attend   

Any startup founder who wants to create great visualisations to drive greater understanding of online and offline performance.

What you’ll gain

A working knowledge of Data Studio - how to create dashboards, configure data and apply design principles.

言語: English

木曜日, 22, 4月 2021
2:00 午後 - 4:00 午後