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Startup School

Training sessions for founders and their teams

Program Overview

Startup School is a series of training sessions for founders and their teams, which presents multiple content modules on Google tools that allow new companies to support their growth. Throughout 11 live sessions, lasting 1.5 hours each, and distributed in content modules over 6 weeks, participants will have access to practical and exclusive content on tools and strategies that can help them in the development of their startups.

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Who Should Apply?

Startup School is designed for startup founders and professionals who want to learn about Google Cloud, Ads, Analytics, among other tools to boost their business.

How to Register

To register, you must fill out this form with information about your startup. Then, you will receive the confirmation of your registration via email, and you must sign up for the sessions you wish to attend.

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Google Ads and Search Sessions

Best practices to build a solid campaign framework

  • Getting Started with Google Ads

    Date: July 26th, 5pm (CST)

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  • How to Manage Google Ads Effectively

    Date: July 29th, 5pm (CST)

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  • How to Get Your Website Found on Google Search

    Date: August 2nd, 5pm (CST)

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  • Use Google Display Ads to Reach Over 90% of Internet Users Worldwide

    Date: August 5th, 5pm (CST)

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  • How to Advertise on YouTube

    Date: August 9th, 5pm (CST)

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Google Analytics Sessions

Get the best insights on your website performance

  • Google Analytics Reports for Your Business

    Date: August 12th, 5pm (CST)

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  • Identify Your Most Valuable Customers Using Segments in Google Analytics

    Date: August 16th, 5pm (CST)

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Google Cloud Sessions

Cloud tools for your startup to innovate on a trusted platform

  • Google Cloud Basics and Best Practices

    Date: August 19th, 5pm (CST)

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  • Popular Cloud Tools that Startups Love

    Date: August 23rd, 5pm (CST)

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More Sessions

Discover how Tag Manager and Data Studio can contribute to the success of your business

  • Introduction to Google Data Studio

    Date: August 26th, 5pm (CST)

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  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager

    Date: August 30th, 5pm (CST)

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