Creator Studio

While we plan a permanent Creator Studio in London, we're pleased to announce a temporary 'Podcasting Pilot' suite - available for booking now.

The suite is equipped with 3 microphones, Zoom Recorder and headphone distribution. Simply record your content, transfer the files to your computer, and away you go!

Before you book the space, first check if you fit the criteria. In order to use the Creator Studio

  • You must be a Google for Startups Campus member (or become a member at our web).
  • The content you want to record is directly related to startups, tech or the local tech ecosystem.
  • The content you want to record is not going to be sold for revenue purposes (like e-courses etc.).
  • The content you want to record must be cleared for copyright infringement.

You will have to confirm that the content

  • Does not contain personal information or confidential information.
  • Does not contradict Google’s Policies and Terms
  • Does not contain trademarks of companies without a written approval.
  • Does not impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner.
  • Does not mislead the viewers / listeners or has a “spammy” nature.
  • Does not contain political content or a politician.
  • Does not violate the local law or encourages others to do so.
  • Does not contain a sexual or harassing message.
  • Does not encourage or incite violence.
  • Does not involve participation of minors under 18.