How to grow your user base before you launch? Chat with Amanda Bradford.

Amanda Bradford is the founder of The League, an exclusive dating app that matches smart, busy, and ambitious people together. The goal was to create power couples by matching up highly motivated single professionals. She raised $2.1 million in seed funding in January 2015. Amanda studied at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford, and worked for Sequoia Capital, Salesforce, and Google before launching The League.

Prior to launching, The League had a wait list of 100,000 people who wanted to use the app. So how did she do this? Bradford's unique marketing tactics helped her acquire a wait-list of over 8,000 people before she even launched the app. In this presentation, Bradford goes through the steps she took to grow her daily active user base (DAU), increase engagement on the app, improves retention rate of her users, and create a product that people are dying to tell their friends about.
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