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Pitch #poctech

Our monthly #poctech gathering brings together our person of colour entrepreneur community. 

Pitch #poctech is an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and early stage startups to showcase what they are working on to the rest of the community and get feedback from our selected panellists consisting of experts and investors in the early stage VC field. It’s a chance to hone your pitch, hear feedback, encourage others to join you and get validation on your idea.  

Applications are now closed for those to be on stage, but we have plenty of room left for those that want to come along. Even if you aren't on the pitching group, you can still come along and meet other people to give you feedback on your idea and to potentially join you as well. Or, if you want to just come along, meet founders and entrepreneurs and possibly see what companies could use your skills, then click the 'Learn More' button below to come and attend the event and networking session. See below our group of expert panellists:

Rodney Johnson

COO and co-founder of Vensy, the data-driven platform for sports sponsorship. Where he is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, including business strategy and operations. Accomplishments include working with global marketing agencies and helping to drive sponsorship decisions that range from the upcoming Winter Olympics 2018 to The UEFA Champions League.

Michael Tefula

Michael comes from a venture capital and corporate finance background. He most recently joined Downing Ventures where he helps the team source and invest in the best tech startups in the UK. Prior to this Michael completed his MBA at the University of Oxford and during this period he worked at the Oxford Seed Fund. Michael is also a writer and hobbyist coder.

Anthony David King 

Anthony is a Partner at Rare Seed Capital, an investment firm that backs early stage tech start-ups with ambitious founders and diverse teams. He is also Founder of Anthony David King Ventures, which develops and runs venture programmes for start-ups, organisations and investors - including Techstars and Silicon Valley.

Juliana Saldanha

Juliana is responsible for iOasys UK, We are app makers! Her experience includes co-founding a startup, creating entrepreneurial programs and founding an accelerator for startups in Brazil.

Sarah Drinkwater

If you don't already know her, Sarah is the renowned Head of Campus London. She took charge of Campus London in 2014, having been the Global lead on the Google Maps Community Management team. She has been at Google since 2011.

#poctech Mission Statement:
To build a racially and ethnically diverse community of current and aspiring startup founders, entrepreneurs, and investors in London in order to work, learn, and succeed together.


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