We’re embarking on a new chapter for Google for Startups UK with the decision not to reopen our Campus in London. Learn how we’ll continue helping startups here.

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Google for Startups UK Immersion

Grow your startup with the best of Google.

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Program Overview

Google for Startups UK Immersion is a 12-week virtual program that brings the best of Google connections, products, and practices to some of the UK's most innovative startups. We tailor each program to the specific needs of the selected startups. We design, build and deliver value to our founders through mentorship, workshops, workspace, and events.

Program Highlights

We design our programs around three key themes which bring the best of Google to our startups.

  • Google's Products

    We offer personalized education, support, and introductions to Google products and services, which enable our selected startups to build and scale their businesses simply and quickly.

  • Google's Connections and Mentorship

    Every startup is assigned a senior Google mentor which works with the founders on key business challenges throughout the 12-week program. The mentors are experts in their chosen fields, and prove invaluable to the startups with their guidance and support.

  • Google's Best Practices

    From OKR-setting and hiring to product management, we share our best practices to support the strategic and measurable growth of your business at scale.

Our Startups

  • Awen Collective

    Software to reduce the cost of cyber-threats to Critical National Infrastructure and Advanced Manufacturers.

    Location: Caerphilly, Wales

    Sector: Cybersecurity

  • Concentric Health

    Shared decisions, digital surgical consent, better outcomes.

    Location: Cardiff, Wales

    Sector: Health Tech

  • Developing Experts

    To bridge the gap between education and industry.

    Location: Norwich, England

    Sector: EdTech

  • Fluence

    Fluence helps the world's leading authorities improve the quality and repeatability of time-intensive quality assurance activities.

    Location: Birmingham, England

    Sector: AI

  • iLof

    Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s drug discovery using bio-photonics and AI.

    Location: Oxford, England

    Sector: HealthTech

  • Logically

    Find breaking news, scrutinize the story, and engage in debate with the AI-powered, fake news-fighting App.

    Location: Brighouse, England

    Sector: AI

  • Neatebox

    Improve the interactions between customer service teams and disabled people, by making staff aware of the specific needs of their visitors in advance of their arrival.

    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

    Sector: Software development

  • Pitchbooking

    Online bookings and payments for sports facilities.

    Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Sector: SaaS

  • Sparkbox

    Retail price optimization, planning, and insights. Sparkbox helps busy merchandising teams make data-driven decisions.

  • Surple

    Energy management software that enables you to reduce your business energy costs.

    Location: Newport, Wales

    Sector: Energy

Meet an Alum

Say hello to Gavin. He's an Edinburgh-based founder solving the challenges that the UK's disabled population faces every day.

What problem are you solving with Neatebox?

There are 13 million disabled people in the UK, and 70% of them have said they’ve encountered poor customer service. The reason they have poor customer service is that people don’t know how to interact with them. Everything we do is to help them interact with the customer service team, and that is totally cross-sector—from train stations to airports to coffee shops. Everyone can improve their customer service, and everyone can improve their business by providing services to all who come through the door—not just non-disabled people.

What’s great about Edinburgh for Startups?

“We have had an amazing legacy to follow here in Edinburgh,” there are some amazing companies: Rockstar is based here, Skyscanner is here, Fanjoy is here. So, we’ve got an amazing legacy of amazing startups, and because of that the people connected with those startups are all here, it’s been brilliant for us. There are real strength and depth in Edinburgh.

What challenges do you face as a founder?

There are loads of challenges that every startup faces, and at the start, I didn’t really think that we were different from anybody else, but I think that as we’ve grown, we’ve become very aware that people South of the border, people in London, people in San Francisco—they don’t know about us. We’re very lucky that we got involved with Google because obviously, Google said we want to look at the far reaches of our country and the problem when you get to a certain size is not being in London, or not being known in London. I don’t think you have to be in London anymore, but you certainly have to be known in London.

What drives you every day?

Positive change. I’m trying to change the planet. I’m trying to change the attitudes of people towards others.

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