We’re embarking on a new chapter for Google for Startups UK with the decision not to reopen our Campus in London. Learn how we’ll continue helping startups here.

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Google for Startups Residency

Grow your startup with the best of Google.

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Program Overview

Google for Startups London Residency is a 12-week program that delivers the best of Google’s connections, products, and practices to some of the UK's most innovative startups. We tailor the program to the unique needs of each cohort. Through mentorship, workshops, events, and access to workspace, we support selected founders to build their startups. Our current Women Founders Residency is tackling major challenges in education, health, finance, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and computer vision.

Program Highlights

The Residency is designed around three key themes to bring the best of Google to selected startups.

  • Google's Products

    We offer personalized education, support, and introductions to Google products and services. This equips startups with effective tools to quickly scale their businesses.

  • Networking and Mentorship

    Each startup is assigned a senior Google mentor who works with its founders to solve its unique challenges. Experts in their respective fields, the mentors offer startups invaluable guidance and support.

  • Google's Best Practices

    From OKR-setting and hiring to product management, we share our best practices to support the strategic and measurable growth of selected startups at scale.

Meet Our Current Residents

Say hello to 10 women-founded startups tackling major challenges in education, health, finance, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and computer vision.

Our Current Residents

Meet an Alumnus

Karan arrived in Canada as a five-year-old refugee from Sri Lanka. He started his entrepreneurial career young, working as a paperboy. Inspired by a high school mentor who taught him how to invest, Karan became an analyst at Barclays in London. But there, he saw inefficiencies in the finance industry that he wanted to fix. So, he left Barclays, joined the Campus London community, and started WealthKernel.

WealthKernel is a platform that helps banks serve customers in a simpler, more cost-effective way. During the six-month Residency, Karan grew his team by 40%, raised £90K in capital, and completed a live trade in the financial markets—a real milestone for the platform he’d built from scratch. Since the Residency, WealthKernel has launched a new consumer product, WealthSmart, an online investment tool. Today, the company continues to grow.

"We got access to mentors, experienced founders, and Google employees who provided valuable support and expertise to help us scale. Campus has broadened my horizons as an entrepreneur—it opened my eyes to everything I didn't know but needed to. It really fosters your growth, and meeting people from all walks of life adds to that."

- Karan Shanmugarajah, Founder of WealthKernel

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For any questions, please contact us at london@campus.co