Meet Campus Madrid Residency Startups 2017 - 2018

Abi Global Health

Abi Global Health provides global access to professional medical support - as easy as getting an advice from a friend.

Founded by:

  • Kim-Fredrick Schneider
  • Dr. Victor Vicens
  • Rouli Diamantopoulou
  • Yonah Forst


BNext is the first marketplace bank, choosing the products that best suit your needs from the best fintech out there.

Founded by:

  • Guillermo Vicandi
  • Juan Antonio Rullán


Comprea is a service to get your groceries delivered in 1 hour from your favorite supermarkets by professional shoppers.

Founded by:

  • Javier de la Llave
  • Javier Berlana
  • Ismael González
  • Martín Chamarro


Mumablue promotes reading among children by letting them be heroes in their own storybook, and reinforcing moral values as the lead character. 

Founded by:

  • Cristina Rodríguez
  • Manuel Córdoba


Runator is an online global running community for users to share running experiences, meet new runners and compete in duels and global races.

Founded by:

  • Bruno Muñoz
  • Ester Villanueva
  • Francisco Frechina


Valeet is an on-demand valet parking and car services app.

Founded by:

  • Carlos Jiménez
  • Andrea Retamal
  • Jorge Reyero


WOOM is a data model driven app to empower women to maximize chances of pregnancy.

Founded by:

  • Clelia Morales
  • Laurence Fontinoy