Campus Creativity Week

Gaudí Inspired Design Thinking Workshop

Friday 19th - Sunday 21st January

2.5 day design thinking workshop, you will learn what artists & entrepreneurs have in common - and where they differ; how the creative process can be shared despite different tools of creation; and you will be paired in mixed groups of artists and entrepreneurs. Prizes for winners include a paid trip to the 2018 Gaudi World Congress! 

The Artian Talks

Friday 19th January, 12:00 pm-5:00 pm

A mix of talks on the intersection of art, entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. You will learn about the meaning of digital and its conceptual application to avant-garde art, the role of art and artists in the innovation process, and why artists as natural explorers are the one that can help us frame the future of humanity.

A different way to User Experience

Friday 19th, 9-11:30am, January

One challenge companies are facing is how to keep coming with great ways to create great UX experiences. To assist companies with this challenge, The Artian has built a special workshop together with the digital artist Enrique Radigales.

Machine Learning (Google Arts & Culture)

Available all days anytime by Campus reception area.

In this Campus Creativity Week installation, you will be able to select any artwork among thousands from Google’s Cultural Institute partner museums around the world - and see in real time how Machine Learning connects the visual dots with any other artwork. 

No sign up needed.

Virtual Reality Painting (Tilt Brush)

Every day 10.00am-5pm at the Campus Café. Open.

In these Campus Creativity Week performances, you will be able to watch professional artists, accustomed to use paint or sculpture, expressing themselves with light with themes inspired by our Campus creatives: startups and entrepreneurs. Each day a different artist.

 No sign up needed.

Street Art

Jan 15th-21. Different times. Open.

We'll be hosting different artists at Campus during the week to elevate both the inside and outside of the building to a new visual level. Come and be surprised... 

No sign up needed.