European door-to-door mobility workshop

Are you interested or doing research in the field of passenger transportation and European door-to-door mobility? Are you interested and willing to improve current door-to-door passenger experience and metrics? Come and join the workshop next 20th Sept (10:30-16:00)! The event will mix presentations from top entities in the field (Innaxis, University of Westminster, Bauhaus, Eurocontrol, Airports, Urban Mobility, Airlines) and active debate and participation from all the workshop attendees. Topics like passenger profiling, door-to-door models, digitalisation, metrics and novel transport concepts will be tackled! Event registration is free but with limited places available


Organizers: (Coordinator: Innaxis Research Institute, funded by European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program)

Level of learning: the event will be enjoyed by everybody interested in transport and mobility (from beginners/outsiders to topic researchers) Especially, but not restricted to, for mobility involving at least one air segment.

Format: Presentations from the entities leading the research in the (air ) mobility field (Innaxis, University of Westminster, Bauhaus-Luftfahrt, Eurocontrol, + invited external speakers) with pro-active participation expected from the attendees. Each slot will consist of a presentation (2/3 of the overall time approx) leading to open debate slots and Q&A sessions (1/3 time aprox)

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