Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our community has gone fully virtual. Google for Startups Campuses are currently closed until further notice.

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Madrid Founders Space

Founders Space

About the Founders Space

The Founders Space is a co-working area on the first floor of Campus, where we accommodate a curated group of high potential early stage startups, which has been selected through interviews to our Cafe members, and program participants. This space will only be accessible with special badges, and selected Founders will be able to book it on demand.

In order to create a specific, founders-only working space, the Founders Space is only accessible with special badges. From time to time, the Google for Startups team will assign to selected Cafe members spots at that area. The duration of the access to this area will be appointed by the Google for Startups team, depending on the implication of the startup with the community (giving back activities, attendance to events and workshops, helping other fellow entrepreneurs, etc.).

What does the Founders Space offer?

  • Platform: it's a closed working space specially dedicated to develop your project between like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Community: More than 20 early stage startups with whom to share best practices, support each other and work side by side.
  • Content: Workshops, talks, mentorship... from Google and the community. Meet more experienced founders & experts to learn from.

Meet the Founders Space startups

  • Break-event

    Break-event is a predictor of the success or failure of a concert.

  • Brushboo

    The first Spanish company creating an alternative to the traditional plastic products on our health care.

  • Byme

    Byme's technology allows you to save any product that you want to buy online by just dragging its image.

  • Clark Lens
    Clark Lens

    Clark Lens delivers your premium daily contact lenses right to your door, every month at a better price. Simplifying and improving the experience.

  • Cupido Capital
    Cupido Capital

    We are entrepreneurs who invest in entrepreneurs. Cupido Capital supports projects even when these aren't on the market yet.

  • DudyFit

    SaaS for personal trainers and nutritionists that digitalizes the customers administration optimizing the processes of the services management.

  • Ghost Food
    Ghost Food

    Delivery service that it easier for you to enjoy your favorite Cuisines in you office.

  • Homming

    Homming is a SaaS that allows you to manage all task related to housing rental online from each device.

  • HR Bot Factory
    HR Bot Factory

    We optimize HR processes through AI.

  • Kotokan

    Kotokan is a B2C venture, that helps children aged 7 to 12 build thinking skills through mathematics.

  • Lugfy

    A platform that connects travellers with drivers in order to mange their luggage carriage.

  • Motoreto

    Car renting platform.

  • Moveco

    A marketplace that offers an integral solution for people and companies to buy and learn about electric & hybrid cars.

  • Movildrive

    Car sharing of electric Vans for professionals.

  • MrBroc
    Mr Broc

    We enable our clients to design their own personalized products, using our proprietary customization technology. Based on this, we also render B2B turnkey digital experiential marketing services.

  • Naiz

    Create natural conversations with your users by voice and text adding context and personality.

  • Nukula

    Nukula is an online shopping platform that includes a food recommendation software. It turns the client's shopping basket into a healthy basket.

  • Robin Rover
    Robin Rover

    Companies use your information without giving you anything in return. Until now. Sell ​​your purchasing data and earn money with it.

  • Tickendy

    Tickendy is the first platform that allows establishments to digitalize purchased tickets and store them in the users mobile App through an innovative NFC system.

  • Ultralytics

    Ultralytics IDetection is an analytic detection system based on AI to observe and identify objects in real time.

  • Voopter

    Voopter is a flight metasearch app with the right proposition for the average Brazilian traveller’s requirements.

  • Vetnify

    We offer on demand veterinary services to your door and sell the best products for your pet in our Vetnify Store.

  • Willco

    Willco is a cloud-based application for film production management that handles all the production aspects: pre-production activities, shooting, crew & cast hiring, call sheets and reports releasing.