Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our community has gone fully virtual. Google for Startups Campuses are currently closed until further notice.

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Google Perks and Amenities

Google Perks and Amenities

  • Campus Mentors and Advisors (Only Residency)

    Campus Mentors and Advisors (Only Residency)

    As part of Google for Startups Campus, you will have access to all our mentors and advisors, as well as the ones of our partners Tetuan Valley and Seedrocket. These network of interesting people and experts will help you and your startup in anything you need.

  • Campus Clubs and Events

    Campus Clubs and Events

    At Campus, there are five different clubs you can join. These organize regularly small gatherings to talk about a certain topic or trend, bringing in an expert or someone from the community. Sales, Tech, Design, Pitch and Marketing are the clubs.

    Almost every day community events are happening at Campus. More than 160 from February to June. You can attend those external organized events for free.

    Once a month, TGIF (Thank God it's Friday) takes place at GFS. A community gathering to talk about recent news, introduction to the new members and eating pizza.

  • Micro Kitchen, Storage, Bicycles parking and Printing (Only Residency)

    Micro Kitchen, Storage, Bicycles parking and Printing (Only Residency)

    You will have access to a micro kitchen in your offices floor, with microwave, fridge, etc.

    We will provide you with 1 locker. General storage space is limited and will be granted on a case by case.

    Each floor has a printer. Please use reasonably.

    We provide stands for your bicycles at the Café & on Level -1. Bring your own lock.

  • Gym and Showers (Only Residency)

    Gym and Showers (Only Residency)

    We have a full equipped residents gym at the basement.

    You can use the TV and the Music system with the Chromecast connection unless there is someone using the Recording Studio or an Event at the Meetup area. Otherwise, feel free to use the space anytime.

    Showers are exclusive for residents: Bring your own: Towel and Shower gel

  • Creator Studio

    Creator Studio

    At Campus you count with a new branded Creator Studio for professional usage. Podcast, Webinars, Live Streaming, Green Screen. Whatever you need, just book it and start recording!