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Growth Academy

A virtual program designed to support startup founders.

Program overview

Growth Academy is a virtual program designed to support startup founders with essential growth skills for their companies. Throughout the one-month program, 8-12 selected startups have the opportunity to meet Google mentors who'll offer insights and action plans focused on optimizing their current strategies, promoting growth, and sharing international opportunities.

The one-month program includes workshops, mentoring sessions, and networking, where Google mentors, analysts, and external industry experts will support startups with their growth strategies.

Growth Academy: Digital Transformation

This edition focuses on startups that are fostering the digitization and recovery of the economy by equipping small and medium companies with the tools they need to adapt to new market demands and boost their businesses. From streamlining and digitizing SMBs’ processes and finances to automating repetitive tasks, innovating people management processes, and reaching new clients.

Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups

  • Bounsel, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Bounsel is an end-to-end contract management platform powered by AI.

  • Fuell, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Fuell helps companies manage employee expenses.

  • Gorodata, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Gorodata is an AI-powered sales intelligence platform that finds B2B Buying Signals (insightful and useful information to power sales) from an otherwise overwhelming amount of data available online.

  • Metricool, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Metricool is a tool to analyze, manage, and measure the success of all digital content.

  • Nivimu, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Nivimu is an app to manage and digitize human resource processes and generate big data.

  • Ordatic, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Ordatic is a developer of food delivery management platform intended to connect customers' online orders with their preferred restaurants.

  • Payin7

    Payin7 is a banking and e-commerce service provider company.

  • Planless, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Planless is the future of work management platforms that uses intelligence to automatically plan for your team, leaving you more time to do the things you love. Stop guessing and start planning for good.

  • Playoff, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Playoff is an integrated cloud tool that provides technology services to people who work in any sports field.

  • Rnters, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Rnters is the platform for any company to enter the sharing economy.

  • Zinkee, Growth Academy: Digital Transformation Startups, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups

    Zinkee is a platform where companies can create business applications.

Program highlights

  • Set and track OKRs

    Learn how to use Google’s goal-setting methodology to define your goals for the program, set ambitious targets, and track progress.

  • Google’s products

    Learn how to get the most out of Google products to improve your online presence and customer acquisition.

  • Networking opportunities

    We believe that finding community and exploring new ways of collaborating is the key to innovation. Meet and connect with founders working in the same sector to grow your network and your startup.

  • Internationalization: product-market fit

    Learn about new international opportunities, as well as strategies to expand your business to new markets. Adapt to new customer behavior and take your company to the next level. Founders gain a more complete set of tools to help them navigate the challenges ahead.

  • Metrics

    Learn how to use metrics to improve your startup's data culture and boost growth.

Past programs, Growth Academy, Campus Madrid, Google for Startups, Campus

Past programs

Meet our startups from previous editions

Growth Academy: Health and Wellbeing Startups

  • Exheus

    Exheus is a personalized health report that analyses the gene expression levels of your genes (mRNA), and provides nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to improve them, helping people to reach their optimum health status and wellbeing.

  • Fixme

    We help wellness and health professionals sell their services and products on the internet.

  • Hearts Radiant

    Rosita is an intelligent Longevity Coach that aims to help seniors increase their healthy lifespan and hence avoid the risk of dependency.

  • Lullaai Baby Sleep

    Lullaai combines the best research, baby sleep trainer expertise, and the power of technology to approach baby sleep from all angles. Lullaai is on a mission to support healthy babies and rested families.

  • MediQuo

    MediQuo is one of the top telehealth apps in Spain and Latam. We provide 24/7 service for patients and a SAAS telehealth platform for professionals.

  • Melio

    Melio is the health system operating in the UK and Spain that uses deep diagnostic knowledge to give you a more active relationship with your health.

  • Nootric

    The only app that combines artificial and human intelligence to offer the best services in nutrition and healthy living.

  • Nuna

    Nuna's vision is to make mental healthcare easy and accessible for all. We aim to do this by building the best tools for mental healthcare expertsand a discovery engine to help users find the best expert.

  • Senniors

    We are the first digital health ecosystem in Spain focused on elderly and dependent care. We accompany our elders through the different stages of their lives, offering them a comprehensive, progressive, and dynamic home care solution.

  • uMore

    uMore is an AI-based behavioral mental health platform that allows users to screen, track, and treat their mental health.

Growth Academy: TravelTech startups

  • Chekin

    Software solution for guest registration, providing a frictionless check-in experience for the travel industry.

  • Doinn

    Marketplace that allows property managers to have access to the best & certified cleaning and linen rental providers in each city.

  • Hotelbreak

    Online booking platform that offers access for the day, to live experiences in the best hotels for local residents and tourists.

  • Mondo

    Taylormade travel insurance with a highly competitive price-quality ratio and full customer support experience.

  • Nicehop

    Personalized travel bargains sent straight to the Whatsapp account on the client’s mobile phone.

  • Passporter

    Passporter is the space to share and plan trips. With more than 2,500 destinations and more than 800,000 experiences shared, Passporter launches its new revenue share model.

  • Routier

    Task management system with an Al Guest Service Agent that assists in providing superb service & information to hotel guests, while reducing the team's workload.

  • Spazious

    Leaders in the production of 3D, VR and 360º content for hotels contributing to revenue increase, higher conversion rates, and enhanced teams efficiency and productivity.

  • STAYmyway

    Affordable, safe and secure cloud-based mobile phone based key and access management tool designed for Hotels and Short Rentals.

  • Transparent

    Data intelligence provider for the vacation rental industry, empowering property managers, investors and hotels to make smarter revenue, distribution and investment decisions.

  • Triporate

    Intelligent platform that solves all business travel needs, through its artificial intelligence the platform allows more efficient management of corporate traveling.

  • Xmigrations

    Online marketplace that allows customers to book travel activities (tours, experiences or tickets).

Growth Academy: E-commerce Startups

  • All Zone

    An online shop with great prizes and personalized customer support.

  • Barner

    High-quality blue light glasses for the digital generation.

  • Chronoexpert

    Chronoexpert is a leading platform for buying luxury products, currently focused on premium and luxury watch brands. We offer consciously curated, tech-based products and exceptional customer service from start to finish.

  • D. Franklin

    We sell clothing, shoes, and accessories that are high on style and competitive on price. D. Franklin is a hot, avant-garde brand whose dynamic production is in constant evolution.

  • Freshly Cosmetics

    Our mission is to create innovative, healthy, and natural cosmetics based on the needs and dreams of our customers. Our goal is to revolutionize the cosmetics world. We believe in a future where people and the planet are at the center of everything.

  • Laconicum

    Laconicum is an online store for the pioneers, beauty freaks, and adventurous souls.

  • Minishoes

    We are a reference brand in online children's footwear 100% made in Spain.

  • Sepiia

    Sepiia is smart-fashion engineered to make your life easier while taking care of the planet. We use engineering, science, and innovation to create clothes that adapt to your needs.

  • Tot-em

    Tot-em designs jewelry pieces with the sound waves of your voice. Record any sound on our website and a few days later, you'll receive a physical object which contains your recorded sound.

  • Tropicfeel

    Tropicfeel is about bringing the excitement of travel to everyday life. Travel is for everyone, everywhere, 365 days a year. It doesn’t mean flying to the other side of the world. Traveling closer to home can be just as exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

  • Tuvalum

    Europe's most trusted marketplace for pre-owned bicycles.

  • Volava

    Volava is a fitness company that sells hardware—bicycles, treadmills, boxing kits, and online subscriptions to online live classes.