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Google for Startups Residency

Grow your startup with the best of Google.

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Designed for Your Success

The program brings startups the best of Google's products, connections, and practices. Each startup receives tailored mentorship and workspace at the Google for Startups Campus.

Startup Advisors Summit

As a part of the Residency, Google for Startups also hosts the Startup Advisors Summit, which pairs selected startups with a group of highly experienced Google mentors from across the world to tackle companies' top challenges. Aside from their projects with the startups, the advisors also host virtual Live Sessions open to the entire community.

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Program Highlights

Highlights for selected startups

  • Google's Products

    We offer personalized support, education, and credits for Google products to give startups the tools to build their businesses simply and quickly.

  • Google's Connections

    We connect startups to Googlers, to one another, and to our community, to help give them the network they need to grow. Google for Startups has partners in over 135 countries to support startups with global ambitions.

  • Google's Best Practices

    From OKR-setting and hiring to product management, we share our best practices to support the strategic and measurable growth of your business at scale.

  • Cost and Equity Free

    Residency is cost and equity free. All we ask of our founders is that they engage fully in the program, and share what they’ve learned so far with our broader Campus community.

Our Alumni

  • The first class of Campus Residency was at Campus São Paulo in 2016, and the program has expanded to London, Madrid, Seoul, and Warsaw. Each Campus tailors the program to the needs of the local startup ecosystem. We've now run four classes of residents at Campus Madrid. Discover who they are below.

  • €747M in funding raised by the Google for Startups startups community since 2015

    6,300 jobs created by the Google for Startups community since 2015

Our Current Residents

  • Abi Global Health logo
    Abi Global Health

    Abi, connects people to doctors for quick advice or in-depth consultations from anywhere in the world.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical
  • Adoptaunabuelo.org

    Adoptaunabuelo.org is an app to connect generations in order to combat isolation for the elders, while young people learn values and experiences during the visits.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical
  • ApetEat

    ApetEat is a digital corporate catering services company. They fulfill a daily necessity: serving lunch in an inconvenient context, the office, as well as adding value to the company.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Declarando

    Accounting software with a digital tax advisor. Our platform is used by freelancers to keep their books, invoicing and filing taxes online.

    Campus Madrid Fintech Woman Founder
  • Deplace logo

    From creating a professional ad to the closing process, Deplace helps selling your house for a flat fee of 2,990 euros.

    Campus Madrid Construction / Real Estate Woman Founder
  • Doinn

    Doinn is a platform that allows short-rental property managers to buy cleaning, laundry, linen rental and checkin services to professional hospitality vendors in a few seconds.

    Campus Madrid Travel / Hospitality Woman Founder
  • Frontity

    Frontity uses the latest web tech to significantly improve WordPress performance on mobile devices, offering a great UX to readers.

    Campus Madrid Publishing / Content Creation
  • Fundeen logo

    Fundeen is the first Spanish crowdfunding platform that democratizes renewable energy investments making them accessible to everyone from as low as 500 €.

    Campus Madrid Social Impact
  • GoParity logo

    GoParity is a personal finance and investment app that connects people and companies with impactful projects in need of funding: where fintech meets cleantech.

    Campus Madrid Fintech
  • Frontity

    Heepsy provides technology for influencer marketing efforts, helping companies and agencies find, analyse and contact people with large social media audiences.

    Campus Madrid Advertising
  • Idoven

    They seek to detect heart problems at an early stage to prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death by offering top-quality cardiologic reports supported by AI algorithms.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical
  • Mumablue

    We want to promote reading among children by letting them be heroes in their own fairytale, and reinforcing moral values in a direct way.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer Woman Founder
  • Navilens

    Empowers visually-impaired people through a 2D code using a computer vision algorithm. Detected by the camera of a mobile device, interprets the information, and transmits it for autonomous guidance.

    Campus Madrid Other Woman Founder
  • Obuu

    OBUU has developed STOCKWATCH, a software suite able to define Cost vs Efficiency curves linking directly the investment in spare parts, discardable units, specific tools, or all together.

    Campus Madrid Data & Analytics
  • RatedPower

    RatedPower finds the smartest way to maximize the value of solar power plants. Their cloud-based SaaS scans millions of iterations until finding the best configuration. 4 weeks of work into 5 minutes.

    Campus Madrid Energy
  • reply.ai

    Reply.ai is a customer experience automation platform. We automate 1:1 conversations at scale using AI for messaging and voice channels.

    Campus Madrid Productivity
  • Routive

    Routive is a website for travellers who want to travel on their own but look for reliability. Book routes with local drivers and guides, and activities in Indonesia and Morocco.

    Campus Madrid Travel / Hospitality
  • sepiia

    We are a smart apparel brand. Our mission is to develop, design and manufacture easy-to-care clothes that gives comfort to the user.

    Campus Madrid Fashion / Beauty Woman Founder
  • Student Finance
    Student Finance

    Student Finance is a Fintech company focused on helping partner schools and universities financing students’ education through Income-Share-Agreements (ISA), to help increase educational opportunity.

    Campus Madrid Fintech Woman Founder
  • Tot-em

    Tot-em designs jewelry pieces with the sound waves of your voice. Enter www.tot-em.com and record any sound. A few days later, you'll receive a real object that contains that sound.

    Campus Madrid Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Triporate

    We are going to be the most efficient corporate travel agency in the world thanks to a human+artificial Intelligence mix.

    Campus Madrid Travel / Hospitality Woman Founder
  • Unono

    Unono is a curated marketplace of job opportunities for Young Talent. Today, more than 60k candidates are using Unono to kick­off their careers.

    Campus Madrid Human Resources
  • Woom Fertility
    Woom Fertility

    WOOM is a data model driven app to empower women to maximize chances of pregnancy.

    Campus Madrid Health / Medical Woman Founder
  • YData

    Generates usable and shareable smart synthetic data in three phases: Ingest the original data; Process the data and train our deep learning model; Generate new data with no link to the original one.

    Campus Madrid Data & Analytics Woman Founder

Meet our Alumni

“Joining Residency is like winning the lottery. If you get in, you’ll totally see the difference. In just 6 months, you get to grow as much as in 2 years by yourself. Residency is a program that provides real value, it works because it’s tailored-made and able to help you improve your weaknesses. It also surrounds you with a very strong network, not only founders, but also advisors. It's like having all Google’s resources and network on hand, working for you”.

-Pablo Postigo, CEO & Cofounder of Frontity

Pablo Postigo, CEO & Cofounder of Frontity


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