Startup School: Restart

Google for Startups Startup School: Restart is a tested and targeted Google training for startup founders and their teams to equip them with the tools and skills to restart their business during a time of crisis, focusing on Google’s expertise and products. The sessions will be conducted by Google experts from around the Globe, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

The program will last for 2 weeks, during which attendees will have access to a complete agenda of content that will be shared through YouTube livestreams. This content will be divided into 3 different modules, that will tackle the main challenges that startups are having to face during these times.

From Google for Startups, our main goal is to support startups everywhere, to reinforce the Spanish businesses and economic system, by offering them free resources, tools, methodologies and products that we use internally at Google and they can use to better deal with this situation and continue developing their businesses.

The program, targeted at startups that were in a growth phase when the crisis arrived, and have seen how their businesses have slowed down due to it, will be open and for free to all those interested in attending the sessions.

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Module 1: Leadership & Culture

The different sessions on this module are focused on the more human side. Forming startup CEOs on how to manage teams in times of crisis, through methodologies and tools, useful to reduce uncertainty and keep up productivity. These sessions will be supported with case studies from startups that work remotely.

Module 2: Product & Processes

The second module will help companies plan restart strategies by redefining processes and products. Deploying a new strategy focused on the future and investing the time and resources in smaller but important tasks that are difficult to complete on a normal basis. These sessions will be supported by case studies from startups.

Module 3: Focusing on Profitable User Acquisition

The third module is focused on business. Google experts will share insights and trends and will offer their guidance on how to manage the different client acquisition tools.