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Black Founders Fund

An initiative to support Black-founded startups in Brazil.

Black Founders Fund

About the initiative

Over 56% of the Brazilians self-identify as Black, and of them, 29% own their own businesses. Yet Black Brazillian founders face unique barriers to becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, around one-third of Black entrepreneurs reported that they were denied credit without explanation. So, many have had to dip into their personal savings or rely on family and friends to get their businesses off the ground.

So why is this happening? It’s because there’s a market gap. Black business owners aren’t getting the capital they need to launch their companies. That’s why Google for Startups established the Black Founders Fund. We’re here to provide entrepreneurs with equity-free capital to grow their businesses.

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Who should apply

The Black Founders Fund is intended for startups with self-identifying Black leaders and entrepreneurs currently working at the company. We encourage established startups based in Brazil who are preparing for or seeking seed-stage funding to apply.

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Meet three Black Founders Fund recipients

In this video, you'll meet Bia, from Barkus, Lettycia, from Gestar, and Sergio, from Conta Black.

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Initiative highlights

The Black Founders Fund is a Google for Startups initiative that offers equity-free financial resources to Black-founded startups across Brazil. This means that there is no shareholding or any kind of financial counterpart by Google within the selected startups. Our goal is to increase racial diversity in the startup community and to support Black entrepreneurs who are building businesses with high-growth potential.

Entry criteria

  • Startups with growth potential and the promise of impacting Brazilian lives in a positive way.

  • Companies with a founding vision that’s aligned with their goals and complementary to their teams.

  • Startups with a focus on technology.

  • Startups that are seeking to raise a round of seed funding to develop their next stage of growth.

Benefits for selected startups

  • Equity-free funding

  • Credits for Google products

  • The opportunity to join one of Google's many initiatives for startups

  • Access to a network of mentors ready to help startups overcome their unique challenges

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Application timeline

The Black Founders Fund launched in Brazil in September 2020 and, in its first 18 months, has invested equity-free BRL 5 million into 33 startups. Starting in 2022, an additional BRL 8.5 million will be invested in a period of up to 18 months.

Applications will be open continuously through this form, where startups can apply directly or can be referred to the fund. We will announce selected startups on a rolling basis.

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Meet our startups

Explore the startups already supported by the Black Founders Fund.


How much funding is offered to selected startups?

It depends. Funding varies according to each startup’s product development stage, current needs, and how much they’ve already raised.

My product hasn’t launched yet. Can I still apply?

No, we’re looking for startups with released products. So if your company hasn’t launched a product quite yet, we ask that you wait to apply until you’ve reached this milestone.

My startup has already been funded. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as your startup is seeking to raise seed-stage funding, we encourage you to apply.

Is there a single call for applications?

No, we’re reviewing applications and referrals on a rolling basis for the next 18 months.

Since I applied to the initiative, my startup has significantly evolved. Can I reapply?

Yes, please resubmit your application with updated metrics and information that best show your company’s growth.

Will I get feedback on my business if it’s not selected?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide feedback to startups that are not selected. We'll only reach out to selected companies.

If my company is selected, will Google become an equity partner?

No, the Black Founders Fund is an equity-free investment. That means there is no shareholding or financial counterpart of any kind. Google won’t be part of your startup's corporate structure or have any kind of financial return on the investment.