About Google for Startups

Has the Campus brand changed? Why is it called Google for Startups Campus now?

Our Campus, as well as the other 5 similar spaces spread out around the world, is run by the Google for Entrepreneurs team. While our mission has always been to help people launch and grow tech startups, the word "entrepreneurs" refers to all kinds of business owners, not just tech founders.

That's why, as of October 22nd 2018, we’re changing our name from Google for Entrepreneurs to Google for Startups, better reflecting the users that we serve.

Since our space is part of the Google for Startups network, we're also rebranding from Campus to Google for Startups Campus. You can still call us "Campus" :)

Has Campus become a Google office?

No. Campus is still an open space for entrepreneurs to learn, connect and grow the companies that will change the world.

Will there be Googlers available for support on all Google Products?

We will continue hosting events and programs on different topics, including Google products, but we don’t have on-site support from Googlers. Please, take a look at our events agenda to check upcoming events and learning opportunities. We’re sure you’ll be able to find opportunities to learn how to get the most out of Google to grow your startup.

If you have specific questions about Google Products, please access google.com/contact to find resources related to the product you have inquiries about.

What is Google for Startups Campus and how does it make sense for Google?

Google for Startups Campus is a space in São Paulo where entrepreneurs connect, learn and launch ideas and startups that will change Brazil and the world. Google started as a startup in a California garage and, since then, we have kept our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Campus is one of Google's giveback to the community, to help the ecosystem grow.

How does Google define "startup"?

A startup is any kind of technology-based newly emerged business. 

How can I pitch my idea to Google for Startups?

The opportunity to pitch your startup is through the Google for Startups Residency application process. Applications will be open twice a year for startups worldwide to present their projects for the chance to become a part of the program and get support from Google. Check more info on the Residency tab of our website on campus.co/residency/saopaulo.

Will the same Campus programs still run at Google for Startups Campus?

We’re constantly updating our programs offerings so that we always deliver best in class content to startups in our community. Our flagship program, Google for Startups Residency, will still be running continuously, and you’ll also see new cycles for other programs, such as Startup School and others.

About Campus in São Paulo

Where is Google for Startups Campus?

We are located at Rua Coronel Oscar Porto, 70, in the Paraiso neighborhood in São Paulo. It’s just a few blocks away from the Brigadeiro subway station, from the green line.

What are Google for Startups Campus' operating hours?

All members are welcome in our Café, open from 9am to 7pm, from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

What is in Google for Startups Campus?

Campus is a 2600 square meters space divided into six floors. Two of those, the fifth and sixth, host a coworking space and a Café open to all our members. In Campus Café, they can work taking advantage of a free and fast Wi-Fi, participate in meetings, post and find opportunities on our board, access the terrace, game area, quiet zone and phone booths for voice and video calls.

The fourth floor hosts our Classroom, a versatile event space that can host up to 50 people. Our Family Lounge, destined to members with small children, is also located on the fourth floor.

From the first, up to the third floor, Campus has exclusive workspace for startups taking part in our programs, such as Campus Residency. Some of the partners that are part of Campus also sit in those floors.

Our auditorium is located on the ground floor and can host up to a hundred people.

About the application to become a Campus member

Who can become a member of Google for Startups Campus?

Despite designed to support startups, we are aware that there are other players providing value to the startups ecosystem. So if you’re a part of the tech community and are thrilled to work, support, and connect with the startups that are shaping the future, you’re welcome at Campus.

How can I become a Google for Startups Campus member?

It’s quite simple: all you need to do is register in our website. Afterwards, in your first visit to Campus, make sure you stop by at our front desk with a valid photo ID to get your access badge. The badge must be worn all time during your stay and every time you are here.

What do I get from becoming a Google for Startups Campus Member?

As member of Campus, you become a part of our community and get free access to workspace and a fast Wi-Fi connection. You can participate in events hosted at our spaces and work from the Café from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm, having the chance to meet like minded entrepreneurs.

I was already a member of Google for Startups Campus, but I got an email asking for me to update my sign up information. Why is that?

With Campus updating its brand to Google for Startups Campus, we're handing out new access badges to members upon updating sign up information. The goal is that we can better understand our community and consequently create more opportunities for startups and professionals who come to our space.

I've already updated my sign up information. What's the next step?

After updating your information, just stop by Campus as of November 26, 2018 to return your current badge and pick up your new Google for Startups Campus badge, upon presenting the confirmation email you'll receive when you're finished submitting the form.

Your membership registration and current badge are valid until March 29, 2019. In case you don't update your information by that date, you'll need to sign up again as a new member through our website.

I've signed up/updated my sign up information and didn't receive the confirmation email with next steps. What should I do?

Just send an email to recepcao@campus.co and wait for our team to contact you within up to three business days. If you are at Campus and want to have access to the space before receiving this email, stop by the reception and pick up a visitor pass.

I haven’t been invited to update my sign up yet. Can I do it already?

Sure! If you are a regular at our space and want to pick up your new access badge, click here and fill up the form to update your sign up information.

I was already a Campus member and upon updating my sign up, I’ve been informed that I'm no longer a member. What happened?

After two and a half years of operations, we’ve reached the mark of 140 thousand registered members. Although we’re happy to have so many people interested in our community, our physical space cannot hold this many people.

In order to keep offering opportunities, programs and support to startups, we need to focus on some profiles.

That does not mean Campus is not open. Even if you’re not a member, our doors are open. You can access the space as a visitor and, of course, keep taking part in our events.

If you have questions regarding your application to be a member, email us at recepcao@campus.co. Our team will get back to you in up to three business days.

What is the criteria to define who is a member and who is not a member?

Campus’ main audience has always been startups. That means that if you’re a founder or employee of a startup, Campus is the place for you.

We do believe a community has a lot to gain from diversity. That means many different profiles can become members of Campus, as long as you are someone that can collaborate with or are actively involved in a tech-based project.

I am an entrepreneur, but my company is not tech-based. Does that mean I cannot become a Campus member?

That depends.

Campus, it’s team, resources, programs and efforts are all created towards helping startups. Everything we offer is thought out to provide support to fast-growing tech-based companies.

However, if you or your company can offer products/services for startups, you might fit the profile of a Campus member.

If your application was not approved and you have questions, email us at recepcao@campus.co. Our team will follow up in up to three business days.

For non-tech based small and medium businesses, that do not relate to the startup universe, Google has many different support initiatives, such as Grow with Google and many more.

About Campus membership

Can I come to Google for Startups Campus everyday?

As a member, sure! Just keep in mind that Campus is a shared and collaborative space, where it’s not cool to hold spots. Therefore, we cannot assure you’ll have the same seats everyday.

I forgot my access badge. What should I do?

Stop by our front desk and we’ll issue a temporary badge that expires at 7pm that same day. We ask that you give this badge back to us when exiting Campus. Try to remember to always bring your badge: our system will only allow the issuing of one temporary badge per member, per month.

I lost my access badge. What should I do?

Don’t worry! We just need you to let our reception team know that you lost your badge, so that we can deactivate it. Afterwards, you can stop by our front desk with a photo ID, so that we can grant you a new access badge.

Does Campus Café have meeting rooms?

Campus Café is a free access coworking and networking area to all our members and operates in a first come, first served system. You will find large desks for teamwork, smaller shared desks and even individual spaces. In the Café, we do not have meeting rooms, but that doesn't mean you can't arrange a meeting in our space. Our suggestion is that you arrive early, to make sure you find a nice spot for it.

If your meeting is a conference call, you can take advantage of our phone booths, located on the 5th floor, to have more privacy during your conversation.

We also ask that you refrain to have meeting in our quiet zone, as that is a space for those needing to concentrate and focus.

What is the minimum age to become member?

You must be 18 years-old or older to become a member. Any person under the age of 18 can visit the space if accompanied by an overaged chaperone, registered as a member, during their entire stay. Parents visiting Campus accompanied by children up to 3 years-old can take advantage of our Family Lounge, located on the 4th floor.

Can I take photos at Google for Startups Campus? What about recording videos?

Amateur photos and videos can be recorded anywhere at Campus. What we ask is that our members keep in mind that these actions cannot bother the work of our members. That means that big crews, special equipment - lighting, for instance - and the occupation of our spaces only for this purpose is not allowed. Afterall, Campus is a workspace for startups, not a movie set, ok?

I’m already a member of a different Google for Startups Campus. Will my badge work at Campus?

Once you become a member of a Campus, you become part of a global network. However, although you’re already part of the network, it’s important that you stop by the front desk of the new building you’re visiting, so that your badge is updated in every Google for Startups Campus.

Will my member badge now also give me access to other Google spaces/offices?

As a Campus member, you have access to our global network of Campus spaces around the globe. Keep in mind that even if you have a badge from São Paulo, you will need to stop by at a different Campus front desk in order to activate your badge for that specific location.

Being a Campus member, however, does not grant you access to Google Offices, such as the São Paulo office, located at Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima.

If my startup becomes a member of Google for Startups Campus, does it mean that I'm now associated with the Google company?

No, by becoming a Campus member you’ll be a part of the Campus community, but that won’t mean your company is officially associated or supported by Google in any way. Please, be thoughtful when talking about your relationship with Campus/Google, and please don’t use our branding on your online or offline communications, unless you’re a part of our Residency programs, and you’ve specifically been granted permission by a member of the Google for Startups team.

If I work from Campus, can I use the Google logo on my website?

Only startups from our Residency programs will be able to use our branding on their sites. Residency startups will have access to a specific branding folder with the official assets they’ll be able to use, and the use of these assets will always require previous approval from the Campus team.

Non-authorized use of the Campus/Google brand will be pursued.

Can I take my children with me to Google for Startups Campus?

Sure! If your children is under 18 years-old, you’ll have to accompany them during the visit. Anyone over 18 years-old can become Campus members themselves.

If your children is up to 3 years-old, you can take advantage of our Family Lounge, on the 4th floor, a space designed to help you take care of them whilst working.

Can I take my pet to work with me at Google for Startups Campus?

Campus is a dog-friendly space and we love seeing dogs over here. However, we do need you to first check with our front desk about the rules regarding dogs in the building.

It’s important to note that bringing your dog to work should be an occasional practice, and not a daily habit. Make sure that other members at the space are not bothered by the presence of your dog, nor is anyone afraid or allergic. Dogs must be duly vaccinated and any kind of damage caused to building is the owner’s responsibility. No other kind of pet, such as cats and bunnies, are allowed in the building.

Be sure that every dog is supervised and wearing a leash. We ask that you don’t allow them to wander around the building and, naturally, don’t leave them here overnight. Make sure you check our whole pet policy by clicking here.

I have a meeting at Google for Startups Campus. Do I need to be a member?

If you’re meeting is with a Campus member, ideally you’d also become a member. However, you can access the space as a visitor. Check the rules for visits.

If your meeting is with a resident startup, stop at our front desk and inform who you’re meeting with. Our reception team will let the resident know that you arrived so that he’ll come greet you at the ground floor and escort you up for a meeting.

Can I ride my bike to Google for Startups Campus?

Sure! Campus has a bike parking space on the ground floor, so that you can keep your bike safe while at the building. Just keep in mind that it’s not an overnight parking space.

Does Google for Startups Campus have parking space for members?

Campus does not offer parking. However, we do provide a discount for the Estacionamento Área Nobre, located at the corner of Rua Manoel da Nóbrega, in the next block from Campus. They charge per hour, but if you validate the parking ticket at our front desk, you’ll get 30% off.

I had a lost or stolen property on Google for Startups Campus. Do you take responsibility?

Google for Startups Campus is not responsible for any lost or stolen property in our venue.

What is the difference between being a member and a resident?

A member of Campus is someone who registered to use the space but does not go through any sort of screening or interview. They can just pick up their access badge to take advantage of Campus Café and attend our events. Members have access to the Café from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 7pm.

A resident is a founder or employee of a startup that applied for the Google for Startups Residency Program and went through a screening process of evaluations and interviews prior to becoming part of the current Residency class.

Aside from everything a member can do, a resident has access to a dedicated workspace 24/7 during the duration of the program. You can find out more about Campus Residency by clicking here.

About visiting Campus

I’m not a Campus member. Can I visit the space?

To use Campus regularly, we encourage you to apply to become a member.

However, if you want to use our space for a day, stop by for a visit or simply get to know our building, it’s possible to visit individually or with a group.

What is an individual visit?

A visitor is a person interested in getting to know Campus for a day, without registering as a member. To visit Campus, stop by our front desk and inform that you are there for a visit.

Please note that individual visits are not pre-scheduled and the number of visitor passes distributed can vary according to our space occupancy and it is possible that you’ll be required to wait for a visitor to leave, so that you can start your visit.

Individual visits are not guided and you will have access, just like any other Campus member, to Campus Café, located in our 5th and 6th floors.

Also note that if you are a Campus member intending to have a meeting at our space, please advise your guest to also sign up as a member before getting to the building, to avoid delays. There might not be visitor passes available at the time of your meeting.

Is it possible to schedule an individual visit?

No. The number of visitor passes that we distribute vary accordingly to our occupancy at each time. Therefore, they are distributed in a first come, first serve basis.

What is a group visit?

Group visits at Campus are guided and need to be scheduled in advance. We make a few time slots available per month, and they are filled in a first come, first serve basis.

Campus accepts groups from 8 up to 20 people and every participant needs to be at least 16 years of age.

Note that according to the space occupancy, the group can be broken down into smaller groups for the visit.

It’s also necessary that there is one group leader, responsible for the visit, that will be the point of contact between the group and the Campus Team. The group leader must be a Campus member and, therefore, over 18.

Group visits time slots are one hour long. Please note that delays in arrival will not extend the scheduled period. If a group arrives 15 minutes late, the visit will only last for 45 minutes.

Also note that 20 minutes is the maximum tolerance for delays. If your group is delayed longer than that, we will ask you to reschedule.

How can I schedule a group visit?

First step is to fill out this form, with basic information about your group.

After the form is submitted, you’ll hear back from us in up to 3 business days. If your group is within the accepted criteria for a guided visit, you’ll be informed, via email, about the next steps, including a list of dates and hours available for the visit.

Can my group visit Campus in a self-guided manner?

If the group is larger than 8 people, no. Large groups interfere with Campus’ operations. Campus is a community and a working building for startups.

Groups with less than 8 people will have each person treated as an individual visitor and, therefore, the visit follows the same guidelines as the ones established for individual visits (see above).

What are the acceptance criteria for a group visit?

We have three main criteria:

  1. Participants age. Everyone in the group must be at least 16 years of age.

  2. Number of participants. Campus is a working building and larger groups can interfere with our startups day by day. Therefore, we accept groups from 8 to 20 people.

  3. Group leader must be a Campus member and, therefore, at least 18 years old.

What if I have a group of less than 8 people?

In that case, the visit will not be guided and every person will be considered an individual visitor.

Please note that visitor badges are limited and distributed in a first come, first serve basis. Thus, we cannot guarantee that every visitor will be granted access at the same time.

What happens during a group visit?

A group visit is guided and will go through every important aspect of Campus. Please note that the visited spots can change according to our events programming.

During the guided visit you will get to know a little more about the team behind Campus, Google for Startups, and also about our events and programs for startups. Also, you will be able to get to know every space accessible in our building.

Will I get to know the resident startups during a group visit?

The guided visit does go through the resident spaces, but keep in mind that Campus is a working building and that startups are here in a regular business day.

In case you want to meet a resident startup, you must reach out directly to them.

Can I stay at Campus after my group visit ends?

If you’re a Campus member, yes.

If you’re not a member, you can ask for a visitor pass at the front desk after your tour is finished. Please note that the number of visitor passes distributed per day vary according to the space’s occupancy and you might have to wait for a visitor to leave Campus in order to get back in.

About Google for Startups Residency

Who can become a resident of Google for Startups Campus?

Innovative startups developing high impact solutions that are solving real problems through the use of technology  can apply to become a Campus resident. In addition, it is important that they are in growth stage, with proven traction in their market (users, revenue and/or investment), composed by a diverse team and have the availability to be based in São Paulo during the course of the program.

How can I apply to Google for Startups Residency?

Applications for our Class #4 and were open until November 19, 2018. This class will start early 2019. Learn more about the programs' details, selection criteria, and application process here.

What is the cost to become a resident?

Google for Startups Residency program does not charge for participation, space rent nor includes equity participation: it’s totally free of charge. What we ask in return from our residents is that they contribute to the ecosystem through mentoring activities, community events, content and social impact activities.

What does my startup get from Google for Startups Residency?

Resident startups become part of a global network of partners and opportunities such as: access to an exclusive education program focused on growth, priority access to Campus Programs, support of our network of experts and 24/7 workspace in our building for the duration of the program.

About hosting an event at Campus

How can I host an event at Google for Startups Campus?

Campus allows community event hosts to use our event spaces for free based in an evaluation criteria. We have two different event spaces: a classroom, on the 4th floor, that can hold up to 50 people and it’s ideal for workshops, for instance. For larger events, such as talks and keynotes, we have our auditorium, located on our ground floor and can hold up to 100 people.

If you’re interested in hosting an event at Campus, you must submit an application by clicking here, where you can share with us your event's details. Our team will provide feedback in up to 10 business days, regarding approval or denial of the application, based on our evaluation criteria and space availability.

What is the criteria used to review event applications?

Events at Campus are evaluated based on three pillars: they must be open to the public, free of charge and have a theme that is relevant to the startup community. We also review applications based on date and space availability.

Is there a specific time for my event to start and end?

Campus event spaces operating hours are from 9:30 am up to 9:30 pm, from Monday through Friday. Every event hosted at night must be finished by 9.30pm, so that the space is empty and Campus can close at 10pm. Proposals for weekend events are evaluated in a case by case basis.

You’ll be able to access the event one hour prior to it’s start and you must submit a list of name and IDs of everyone on your staff at least two days before it’s date.

How much does it cost to host an event at Google for Startups Campus?

There is no charge regarding rent of space. However, keep in mind that every additional cost related to the event, such as receptionists, catering, marketing and eventual damage to the space, amongst other costs, are responsibility of the event host.

Do my guests need to be Google for Startups Campus members to join the event?

No, your guest does not need to be a Campus member to join your event.

What are the equipment available at the auditorium?

We provide 4 handheld microphones, 1 microphone based in the tribune, 1 clicker, 4 speaker chairs and 2 little coffee tables.

What are the equipment available in the classroom?

We provide 2 handheld microphones, 2 lavalier microphones, 1 microphone based in the tribune, 1 clicker, 60 chairs and 10 foldable tables.

Does Google for Startups Campus provide coffee break? How is it ordered?

No. Any catering service to be offered during a community event is responsibility of the host. Campus has a list of pre approved suppliers that we suggest event hosts to hire.

If the event is placed at the auditorium, the coffee break area has a micro kitchen that can be used to support the buffet. If the event is in our classroom, the coffee break area is on the 4th floor main hall where there's no backup kitchen. Therefore, for events hosted in classroom, the menu must be simpler and your catering service must bring everything pre prepared.

How does Google for Startups Campus help me promote my event?

Your event will be at our website’s agenda starting seven days prior to its date. It might also be selected by the Campus Team to be featured in our weekly newsletter, targeting our members.

If I host an event at Campus, can I use the Google logo on my promotional materials?

While Campus is the space where your event is taking place, that doesn’t mean Google is associated with it as a sponsor or supporter. Therefore, you cannot use our logo in any of your promotional materials. You can mention Campus/Google for Startups Campus as the venue on your event description as text.

About attending events at Campus

What are the upcoming events being hosted at Google for Startups Campus?

Campus’ upcoming events are available in our website. Aside from that, you can subscribe to our newsletter, that may include highlighted events being hosted each week.

I want to attend an event being hosted by the community. What should I do?

It’s simple: just click on the event you’re interested in on our website and look for the registration button. You’ll be redirected to the registration service chosen by the event host. Once you’re there, just follow the steps and wait for a confirmation.

Are the events hosted on Google for Startups Campus live streamed?

Depends on the event. Some of the events organized by the Google for Startups team are live streamed and others are made available online after a couple of days. For community organized events, the availability of live streaming or recorded content can vary depending on the event host.

I had a lost or stolen property during an event on Google for Startups Campus. Do you take responsibility?

Google for Startups Campus is not responsible for any lost or stolen property during events held in our event venues.