Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our community has gone fully virtual. Google for Startups Campuses are currently closed until further notice.

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Google for Startups Growth Academy

Growth Academy

Empowering startups to scale sustainably in a constantly changing world.

Program Overview

Google for Startups Growth Academy is a virtual, 10-week program teaching companies effective growth strategies and Google marketing solutions. It’s designed in partnership with Growth Academy Europe and features courses taught by industry leaders from Silicon Valley and Europe. 

Though 74% of digital professionals have never applied growth marketing or hacking, startups with dedicated growth skills outperform companies that lack them. That’s why we launched Growth Academy to address this challenge and provide solutions for growing startups.

Program Highlights

During the first six weeks, selected startups will learn cutting-edge growth strategy frameworks and how to apply them through a series of virtual calls with experts, group trainings, and discussions. In the final four weeks, startups will be paired with a dedicated Google growth advisor who will work closely with the team to provide personalized feedback and support.

Featured Topics

  • Growth Models and Retention

  • Acceleration Loops

  • Increasing Customer Acquisitions

  • Growth Strategies and Experiments

  • Improving User Experience with Science

  • Building an Inclusive Culture at Scale

Who Should Apply

Growth Academy is designed for experienced growth startups. We're looking for founders with a background in online marketing, growth marketing, product marketing, product management, or senior professionals with some kind of growth experience. To apply, you must be a Google for Startups member. For selected startups, a company leader and up to two members of the startup's team can join the program.

Selection Criteria

  • Startups at the scale-up stage with proven traction in its market (users and/or revenue).

  • Startups with aggressive growth targets for the second half of 2020 and/or the first quarter of 2021.

  • Starups with online media as one of their core growth channels.

  • Startups with dedicated growth teams supporting company growth.

  • Startups available to attend all program sessions.

  • Startups with leaders who have at least intermediate-level English proficiency. The program will include English-speaking experts.

Featured Program Facilitators

Growth Academy is led by Nikolas Vogt, Former Global Growth @ Google Assistant. The program also features talks by Googler growth experts from various fields including, Dan Vallejo (Growth Product Manager, Google Assistant), Pavel Baranyk (Head of Growth Marketing, Google Fi), Dr. Anna Sophia Vogt (Behavioral Economics Scientist, Google Ads), Rodrigo Carvalho (Product Lead, Measurement & Attribution), Ted Weber Gola (Regional Product Manager), Keiko Mori (Product Lead for Search Ads, Google Brazil), SzeJack Tan (Head of Growth Marketing, Google Assistant), Alessandro Cannas (Growth Marketing Manager, Google Assistant), and many others.

More Program Benefits

  • Selected startups will have access to the full online program up to a year after completing it.

  • Selected startups who complete the program will earn a Growth Expert Certificate from Growth Academy Europe, which is endorsed by Google for Startups.

  • Selected startups will join the Google for Startups alumni network and a community of Brazil’s growth experts.

  • The program is free and equity free.

Meet the Startups

Explore the eight startups selected for our first Growth Academy program.

  • Cora

    Cora is a digital account for entrepreneurs and business owners.

  • LivUp

    LivUp is a startup that offers practical and healthy food made with ingredients from family farmers.

  • Olist

    Olist is a platform for storeowners to manage their products and services in different marketplaces.

  • Remessa Online
    Remessa Online

    Remessa Online allows for safe, fast, and affordable international money transfers for individuals and companies.

  • Sallve

    Sallve is a digital cosmetics brand that seeks to develop formulas inspired by real needs.

  • Sanar

    Sanar is a medtech company supporting continuing education, decision-making tools, and medical decision support.

  • Warren

    Warren is a broker and asset manager that offers solutions by meeting investors where they are.

  • Zee.Dog

    Zee.Dog is a pet lifestyle brand.