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Google for Startups Advisor Summit brings together, every year, an experienced group of Google mentors from across the world for two weeks of hands-on problem-solving, with the mission of bringing their expertise to the local startup community. 

Startup Advisors Summit will be going online in 2020. We have taken advantage of this opportunity to involve more Googlers, as they won’t need to travel, to reach and impact more startups. We have also extended the duration of the program from two weeks to the whole month of June.

This passionate and accomplished group of 19 mentors will be working during this time with the 19 startups from the combined Residency programs from Google for Startups Campus in Brazil and Spain. This will allow us to expand the reach and also do open Live Sessions for both communities, so that all startups can benefit form them. 

Startup Advisors Summit is a part of Google for Startups Residency, a program bringing growth-stage startups the best of Google's products, connections, and best practices, through tailored mentoring and workspace at our Campuses in London, Madrid, São Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Tokyo.

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Open Live Sessions

We’re launching online Live Sessions to share expertise from top Google mentors with the whole global Campus community. These YouTube Live Sessions will cover topics from storytelling and culture to engineering and analytics, in order to address the diverse needs of startups.

Meet our 2020 edition Advisors!

  • Anna Potanina

    Mobile User Experience Specialist

  • Arturo Lira

    Software Engineer Manager

  • Barbara Alves

    Strategic Partner Manager

  • Clarissa Striker

    Talent Partnerships, Consumer Apps

  • Dante Otero

    Head of Customer Experience

  • David Yu Chen

    Software Engineer

  • Diego Rivas

    Product Manager

  • Donato Brito

    Project & Proccess Manager

  • Geneviéve Metayer

    Strategy & Operations Manager

  • Lisa Fischer

    Strategy and Operations Analyst

  • Monali Shah

    People Partner

  • Natalia Böhm

    Global Product Lead

  • Nir Bitan

    Business Finance Analyst

  • Rohit Shawarikar

    Devices and Services, Customer Care Lead

  • Shinez Chalabi

    Industry Manager

  • Walquiria Saad

    Partner Development Manager

  • Wendy Leung

    Account Manager

  • Yorgos Monokandylos

    Agency Sales Manager