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Startup School: Brazil

Trainings for founders and their teams.

Program Overview

The Google for Startups: Startup School is a series of hands-on training for founders and their teams. Combining business goals with metrics to run data-driven companies, the program equips leaders with the tools and skills to advance and scale their startups.

Who Should Apply?

If you're a startup founder, CMO, startup employee, or a person who works on marketing and would like to learn about marketing strategies and tools that can help you gain visibility, this program is for you.

Google Ads and Search Sessions

Best practices to build a solid campaign framework

  • Getting Started with Google Ads

    Date: May 24th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • How to Manage Google Ads Effectively

    Date: May 27th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • How to Get Your Website Found on Google Search

    Date: May 31st, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • Use Google Display Ads to Reach Over 90% of Internet Users Worldwide

    Date: June 7th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • How to Advertise on YouTube

    Date: June 10th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

Google Analytics Sessions

Get the best insights on your website performance

  • Google Analytics Reports for Your Business

    Date: June 17th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • Identify Your Most Valuable Customers Using Segments in Google Analytics

    Date: June 24th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

Google Cloud Sessions

Cloud tools for your startup to innovate on a trusted platform

  • Google Cloud Basics and Best Practices

    Date: June 14th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • Popular Cloud Tools that Startups Love

    Date: June 21st, 5pm (Brasília Time)

More Sessions

Discover how Tag Manager and Data Studio can boost your business' success

  • Introduction to Google Data Studio

    Date: June 28th, 5pm (Brasília Time)

  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager

    Date: July 1st, 5pm (Brasília Time)

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