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Google's Tips on Remote Work Success

With nearly 100,000 Googlers spread out over 150 cities in over 50 countries, Googlers are always looking for ways to stay better connected with one another. In fact, 48% of meetings involve employees working from two or more buildings while 39% of meetings involve two or more cities. 

Based on external and internal research at Google, distributed work isn’t always easy and enjoyable but it can be as effective as working in the same office if you adopt simple behaviors to make your team more connected. 

What can you do to improve distributed work? Here are some of our simple tips and suggestions:

Getting Connected 
Make an extra effort to connect with your distributed team members on a personal level. Arrange virtual lunch meetings or send an instant message to ask about their day or weekend plans. It is important to create a shared sense of belongingness and make sure everyone feels respected and included. 

Being Connected 
Make sure the technology and tools you’re using for meetings helps you reach optimal levels of productivity. Before the meeting, add agendas and relevant docs to your calendar invites and make sure you have a functioning camera or headset. 

For video meeting-related resources, check out advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities that are available for free to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally until July 1. 

Feeling Connected
Some engagement signals are lost when working together virtually, particularly when we mute the microphone or focus intently on our laptops. Ensure you’re clearly visible on the video screening by making eye contact and expressing your reactions noticeably with something as simple as a head nod. 

We hope these simple tips can help and inspire your team to be more effective together - in or out of the office.

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