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Campus Tel Aviv 2020 Impact Summary

Here's a look back on how this unprecedented year affected our startups.

Building a successful startup is challenging enough on its own, without a global pandemic. Fortunately, a good startup is also agile and lean, learning quickly when and how to shift its business to fit the unfolding climate. With help from Google for Startups, our founders not only adapted but thrived this year. Here are some of their stories and reflections on 2020.

“Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of our clients started working remotely. Suddenly, we began receiving a lot of requests for support as startups learned remote management on the fly. From the evolving landscape, we identified the need, designed a product, developed it, and launched it. Within two months of launch, we already had new customers. The Residency program helped us meet new connections and strengthen our product messaging. With the program's help, we were able to reach more new customers.”

- Maayan Lahav, CTO at Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia empowers managers that lead remote teams to maximize the workplace experience. Our solution delivers actionable insights to boost collaboration, belonging, and mental health by analyzing communications patterns (not content) within and across teams.

“One of our biggest accomplishments during the six-month Residency was that we increased our profits by over 500%.” - Sergey Bahchissaraitsev, CO-Founder and CTO, Leadgence

Leadgence helps B2B financial services companies improve their sales conversion by finding precise buying intent signals.

“Getting a startup off the ground is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs and moments of uncertainty. Google for Startups provided us with a positive atmosphere to support our company's growth. This helped us cope better this year and bolstered our success. We'll be able to take the lessons we've learned with us into the future.”

- Yael Zamir, Co-founder and CEO of Embryonics

Embryonics is developing artificial intelligence algorithms and optical systems to improve the process and results of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

“What makes Google for Startups so special is that it's customized to your stage of growth and individual needs. Each startup is different, which is why it's impossible to have one program that fits every company. Google for Startups focuses on what your startup needs and how they can help you achieve your goals. You move forward together, hand and hand."

- Uri Yoselovich, Founder and CEO of DockTech

DockTech collects data generated by vessels’ sensors to monitor shipping conditions. This allows the company to estimate constraints and predict future conditions.

Diversity and Inclusion Partners

We continue to level the playing field in the startup ecosystem, working alongside our amazing partners.

  • Kamatech

    Campus Tel Aviv is a longtime partner of Kamatech, which empowers Ultra Orthodox Jewish entrepreneurs. This year, we held a three-day hackathon, where 200+ developers designed new technologies in response to the pandemic.

  • Hasoub

    Campus Tel Aviv works closely with Hasoub to support underrepresented Arab startup founders in Israel. This year we sponsored Hasoub's annual conference, which brings together entrepreneurs and industry experts.

  • Women of Startup Nation

    Women remain underrepresented in the startup world, especially as founders. So this year we partnered up with WSN to support Israeli women founders. For the second accelerator cohort, we selected ten startups from a wide range of industries—from gaming and AI to HR and health tech.

Eight Years of Campus Tel Aviv

Campus Tel Aviv opened in 2012

We've hosted 6,000 community events since 2012

We're a network of 350,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and others

1,000 founders are currently active in our community

In 2020, our Residency alums raised $3.5M in funding, created 15+ jobs, and acquired 20+ customers

38% of our community is women

Here’s to another year of innovation, growth, and solving the world's biggest problems!