What are Campuses?

Campuses are Google's spaces for entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and build companies that will change the world. At Campus, entrepreneurs get unparalleled access to mentorship and trainings led by their local startup community, experienced entrepreneurs, and teams from Google. Campus Tel Aviv was our second Campus location, and is part of a global network including Campus London, Campus Seoul, Campus Madrid, Campus Sao Paulo, and Campus Warsaw.

What will I find at Campus Tel Aviv?

Main Event Space: Our large event space fits 120 people and is in nearly constant use. This event space is a community asset: anyone can apply to host their tech event there at no cost. We also host our own programs (like our Campus Startup Schools and Campus Presents) in the main event space.

Small Event Space: This is a smaller event space that has capacity for 50 guests.

Hackspace: This is our open space for workshops and collaboration. The hackspace is full of desks where people can get real work done in workshops and daylong trainings.

Where is Campus Tel Aviv?

Campus is conveniently located in the Electra Tower (98 Yigal Alon Street), on the 34th floor, less than 5 minutes walk from Azrieli towers. Situated right next to public transport makes getting to Campus a breeze!

How do I become a Campus community member?

Sign up on website here- joining the community is free!

What does membership include?

Early Access to Campus Programs: We run our own programs, like Work from Campus, Campus Startup School and Campus Presents. As a member of Campus, you'll get early access to these programs.

Campus New Members Meetups: Join one of our Campus New members Member where you can meet your potential co-founders, investors, advisors or friends. 

Access to the Global Campus & Google for Entrepreneurs Networks: As a member of Campus, you get free access to our other Campuses around the world in London, Seoul, Madrid, Warsaw and Sao Paulo. When you're traveling, we invite you to grab a coffee and work for free at our Campuses, plus more a dozen coworking spaces globally, including our Google for Entrepreneur partner locations in places like San Francisco, Dubai, Paris, and more. Check out more at www.googleforentrepreneurs.com

Who will I find at Campus?

We are passionate about being a welcoming and open home for all people interested in tech and entrepreneurship. Men and women, secular and religious, from all over the country and all ages, Campus Tel Aviv's doors are open. If you have an idea, you're welcome at Campus.

Why did Google create Campus?

Google began as a startup in a garage and we're passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. We believe in the convening power of physical space, so we create Campuses- hubs where entrepreneurs can discover a supportive community, get to work on their big idea, and gain access to critical resources like mentorship and technical training. Entrepreneurs build transformational products that can solve some of our biggest challenges. These same entrepreneurs also create jobs, strengthen economies, and improve the web.

What is Campus' relationship to Google?

The Google for Entrepreneurs team operates Campus. We have Campuses around the world, with plans to open more locations in 2015. Each Campus joins the Google for Entrepreneurs global network of tech hubs, leading startup communities, and resources for entrepreneurs. We provide financial support and the best of Google’s resources to startup communities across 125 countries. Learn more at google.com/entrepreneurs.

When is Campus Tel Aviv open?

Campus is open for events from 9am-11pm Sunday-Thursday.

What kind of events do you hold at Campus?

Campus hosts a wide variety of tech and entrepreneurial related events. From wearable tech to woman in wireless, there is an event suitable for everyone. Our space allows for both lectures and hands-on hackathons.

How do I know what events are coming up at Campus?

You can keep up to date on all events happening at Campus on the Events tab of our website: campus.co/telaviv. You can also find out about upcoming events through our Facebook (https://goo.gl/pl4rVs) and Instagram, @CampusTelAviv.

Can I sit and work at Campus?

If you are an early stage startups, working on a technological product, you may apply to work from Campus every Sunday and Wednesday from 9:00-18:00. Apply here: goo.gl/yFkNHX (caps sensitive)

What kinds of events do you accept at Campus?

Campus hosts technology and entrepreneurship-related events that are free and open to the public.

Where in Campus Tel Aviv can I host my event?

(1) Main Event Space: This is a theater style meeting room that can accommodate 120 people

(2) Small Event Space: This space is a flexible event space that can accommodate 50 people.

(3) Hackspace: This is our open space for workshops and collaboration. The hackspace is full of desks where people can get real work done in workshops and daylong trainings.

What should the speaker bring with him to an event hosted at Campus Tel Aviv?

Only a laptop and a clicker (if needed). We provide an HDMI/VGA connection with our AV system. If you have a Mac computer please bring an adapter. The Main Event Space and the Small Event Space both have 1280x800 pixel projectors.

What kind of microphones do you have?

We have both a podium microphone and a wireless microphone in the Main Event Space and the Small Event Space. In the Hackspace, we provide you a wireless mic.

Do you supply food for the events hosted at Campus Tel Aviv?

We supply soft drinks, hot beverages and a variety of snacks (Kosher Halavi).

Can we bring an external catering to Campus Tel Aviv for our event?

Of course! But please note, you cannot heat up food at Campus.

Do you have a parking arrangement?

Parking is available in the electra building as well as on the street. From 17:00-6:00 in the morning the next day, parking in the lot is NIS 15 for Campus Tel Aviv members. Please make sure to bring your parking stub with you to Campus for us to give you the discount. As a reminder we are very close to the Azrilei train station as well as multiple bus stops and green bike stations. A great alternative to driving!

How do I bring heavy equipment to a Campus event?

There is a service lift dedicated to transferring equipment from the parking lot floor to Campus. Please contact 052-3534507

Can I bring my Dog to Campus?

We are dog lovers here at Campus. With that said, if you bring your dog to Campus we ask that: 1. They be house trained 2. They get along with other dogs (as there may be other dogs at Campus at the same time) 3. You have a leash with you 4. They are not big barkersץ Please keep in mind, not everyone at Campus loves dogs, and they need to feel comfortable with your dog's presence. If your dog is not good with big crowds, please keep them at home.

Can I bring my Bike to Campus?

Bikes can be parked downstairs in front of the building, they are not allowed inside Campus.

Can I bring my company roll up to Campus?

We ask you please do not bring any roll up to Campus. All events need to be 100% branding free.