Visibility - how can you advance when you don’t see where you are?

: In the current CI/CD era, where hundreds or even thousands of tests run daily, without a proper clear and concise mechanism to reflect the current state of our product, the management tier find it hard to understand the current trends and processes happening within our organization - Are we improving or deteriorating? Where are our product's or development process weak-spots? Where should we invest more development efforts? What is the most crucial area that needs our top development resources? In this lecture we will understand the importance of visibility, why our regular test summary HTML reports are not good enough for management needs, and learn how easy it is to achieve visibility in our automation or unit testing infrastructure by using free tools such as the ELK stack (elasticsearch, logstash and Kibana) - including live demos.
Hosted By: Nitzan Goldenberg, TestIL meetup group
Event Language: Hebrew
Date and Time

Thursday, 26, March 2020
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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