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Google for Startups Accelerator

A virtual Accelerator for startups.

About the program

Google for Startups Accelerator: Japan is a fully virtual program of intensive workshops and expert mentorship designed to help Japanese growth-stage startups learn technical, product, and leadership best practices.

Key benefits

  • Expert mentorship

    Founders will talk with experts from teams including Google Cloud and Google Ads and have the opportunity to take advantage of Google’s technologies, products, services, and professional networks. In addition to sharing best practices, we'll also provide broad strategy support for companies and products.

  • Training program

    Participants can receive training in machine learning, talent acquisition/development, product development management, and other topics to founders and startups grow.

  • Networking and community

    In connecting founders with other founders, VCs, and engineering communities, we help founders grow their professional networks.

Entry criteria

This cohort of this Google for Startups Accelerator is designed for companies using technology such as AI and IoT to solve the world’s biggest social problems. Startups should have existing revenues or funding (6+ month runway) and already have brought a product or service to market. Participating founders need to be fluent in English and excited to be an active part of the global Google for Startups community.

    • Established technical and business teams
    • Teams with a product launched in the market with demonstrated traction and potential for scalability
    • Startups with revenue or funding (6+ month runway)
    • Founders who are willing to share knowledge and contribute to the growth of the Campus community and the broader ecosystem
    • Startups with high potential for scalability and impact
    • Management teams who can communicate in English
    • Founders who have a Google account

Key dates 2022

  • Week 1

    Kick-off / OKR Week
  • Weeks 2-3

    Cloud / Android and Play
  • Weeks 4-5

    Machine Learning / Google Ads
  • Weeks 6-7

    Design / UI and UX
  • Weeks 8-9

  • Weeks 10-11

    OKR Reflection
  • Week 12

Aki Higuchi

Meet an alum

Aki Higuchi, Founder and CEO of Selan Inc.

“I felt like every moment of the Accelerator forced me to reflect on why I founded my startup and what I wanted to achieve. By discussing our goals and challenges with Google mentors, reexamining our management style, and adopting the OKR processes from the Founders Lab, we reimagined what our startup could be. These experiences were a driving force behind our adapting to the COVID-19 shock.”

Learan more about Selan