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Google for Startups Accelerator: Tokyo

A virtual Accelerator for startups with a social impact.

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Program Overview

Google’s latest cohort of the virtual Google for Startups Accelerator focuses on startups using technology to make a meaningful social impact. The program starts in January 2021.

The Google for Startups Accelerator supports startups that contribute to Japan's economy and society.

The program provides support to startups that have already brought a product or service to market, own market-value potential, and scale possibility in the future. We prioritize startups that are using tech to solve problems in many fields, including the economy, environment, and society. The growth of startups will lead to more revitalization of the Japanese economy.

Program Benefits

  • Mentoring by Googlers and outside experts, including Google Cloud and Google Ads
  • Access to Google’s technologies, products, services, and communities
  • Expert support for business strategy
  • Training: selected startups receive training in machine learning, talent acquisition and development, product development management, and other topics to help them grow
  • Startup Ecosystem (Community) Exchange Opportunity: connecting founders to each other, VCs, and engineering communities to grow their personal networks
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  • Program Goal

    We believe technology makes society better. So we want to empower startups that are using tech to solve today’s biggest challenges.

  • Key Focus Areas

    • Graying society and a shrinking workforce
    • Energy, environment, and sustainability
    • Rural revitalization
    • Medicine, health, and well-being
    • Education
    • Diveristy, inclusion, and social equity

Who We’re Looking For

  • Seasoned technical and business teams who are using tech to address big social issues
  • Startups with a launched product, demonstrated traction, and potential for scalability and impact
  • Companies with existing revenues or funding (6+ months runway)
  • Founders who are interested in being active members of the Google for Startups Campus global community
  • Founders who can speak English and have a Google account

Key Dates

  • January

    25-29 January 2021


  • February

    22-26 February 2021


  • March

    22-26 March 2021


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“I felt like every moment of the Accelerator forced me to reflect on why I founded my startup and what I wanted to achieve. By discussing our goals and challenges with Google mentors, reexamining our management style, and adopting the OKR processes from the Founders Lab, we reimagined what our startup could be. These experiences were a driving force behind our adapting to the COVID-19 shock.”

Aki Higuchi, Founder and CEO, Selan Inc.

Selan Inc. offers bilingual instruction to improve children’s educational outcomes and drive women's success.