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Cloud Academy

Grow your startup with Google Cloud experts.

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About the program

Google for Startups Cloud Academy is a six-week program for CEOs, CTOs, and machine learning engineers to learn about data analysis, machine learning, organizational management, and leadership through training by Google employees and experts, as well as 1:1 mentoring for business growth.

Key benefits

  • Strategy and OKRs

    Through 1:1 mentorship, we help startups optimize strategy and set OKRs.

  • Data analysis

    Through mentoring sessions (where we'll share everything from data ETL to lifecycle management), the program supports data analytics for business acceleration. We provide advice on data strategies that are essential for business growth—from tips related to building a data-driven culture to insights on ways to monetize data and increase earnings.

  • Machine learning

    Experienced Google mentors share best practices for machine learning and communication methods for effective and efficient production operations. They also offer insights on MLOps issues facing individual companies in 1:1 mentoring sessions.

  • Leadership training

    Learn more about effective leadership skills based on knowledge and data shared by Google. Through workshops and coaching sessions, you can reflect on your own leadership and find ways to make improvements.

2022 Program timeline

(Subject to change)

  • Week 1

    May 16–20

    Opening ceremony

    Set strategy and OKRs

    Learn how to create an organizational culture

  • Week 2

    May 23–27

    Data warehousing (from data retention to utilization)

  • Week 3

    May 30–June 3

    Data visualization and proposed usage (how to tie data into business and revenue growth)

  • Week 4

    June 13–17

    ML Ops: Best practices/case studies

    Guest speaker: Plaid, Inc. talking about system development and architecture

  • Week 5

    June 20–24

    ML Ops: 1:1 mentoring session

    Responsible AI: Google's AI Principles

    Engineer team management

  • Week 6

    June 27–30

    Leadership lab

    Graduation ceremony