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Going Global

Going Global is a workshop for startups aiming to grow on a global scale.

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About the program

In recent years, the Japanese startup market has grown. The number of startups with a market capitalization of over 100 billion yen is increasing. There's also demand to expand in both the Japanese market and the global market to create unicorns. Through this program, Google's specialists will share how to find the potential market based on data and how payments and logistics are operated in each market with case studies. In understanding overseas expansion and identifying the markets in which you have an advantage, this program will help you develop a global strategy for your business.

Key benefits

  • Day 1

    Learn the importance of expanding to global markets and introducing Google tools to identify priority markets and examples of going global markets.

  • Assignment

    You can use Market Finder and identify three dominant markets. It’s required to submit your assignment via email.

  • Day 2

    Learn the best practices for payment, localization, logistics, customer service using good case studies.

Entry criteria

    • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) E-commerce Startups and small and medium-sized businesses
    • Companies that intend to expand overseas in 6 months to 1 year
    • Companies with a team ready to put knowledge from the program into practice
    • Teams who can understand and speak English and Japanese are preferred
    • Availability to participate in the program for a total of five hours on two days and submit assignments

Since I was originally planning to expand my business to the North American market, I took part in this program to learn about marketing strategies. It was good for us to understand our company's position and to learn how to organize our marketing efforts. After the program, we exhibited at CES2022. There, we succeeded in getting a good response from our audience and were picked up by major media. We'll continue to challenge ourselves to push toward entering overseas markets.

Kaz Oki

Co-founder and CEO mui Lab, Inc.