Google for Startups Residency

Google for Startups Residency

Grow your startup with the best of Google

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Designed for mobile gaming startups

Google for Startups Residency brings growth-stage startups the best of Google's products, connections, and best practices. Each startup receives tailored mentorship and workspace at Google for Startups Campuses in London, Madrid, São Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw.

Our upcoming class of Residency program is focused on mobile gaming startups. We’re looking for globally minded companies from Central and Eastern Europe who are operating in the gaming industry.

The Program

Highlights for participating startups

  • Google's Products

    We offer personalized support, education, and credits for Google products (Google Play, Firebase, AdMob, Google Cloud, AdWords UAC, Youtube) to give mobile gaming startups the tools to build their business simply and quickly.

  • Google's Connections

    We connect startups to Googlers, to one another, and to our community, to give them the network they need to grow. Google for Startups has partners in over 135 countries to support startups with global ambitions.

  • Google's Best Practices

    From OKR-setting and hiring to product management, we share our best practices to support the strategic and measurable growth of your business at scale.

  • Google's insights in mobile gaming

    We share insights about gaming users that we have from our research and working with gaming companies in different countries of the world.

Meet our Alumni

“Campus mentors from all over the world helped us refine and communicate our story and product. They truly believed in our idea and shared it with their networks – well beyond the startup community.”

-Tomasz Plata, Co-founder of Autenti


Who should apply

Both Campus members and non-members can apply for this program. They will be evaluated based on the criteria below by the Google for Startups team and a panel of gaming industry experts and Googlers.

This two stage process involves an online application and interviews for shortlisted startups.

We’re looking for teams who are:

  • Building a solution in mobile gaming industry
  • Mission-driven and committed to creating a world that works for everyone
  • Working full-time on their startup
  • Demonstrating traction, ideally between Seed and Series A stage
  • Building a scalable product or service
  • Committed to fully attending the program (5-6 months)
  • Willing to give back and contribute to the local startup community
  • Fluent in English

Key dates

We're accepting applications from startups for our next class of Google for Startups Residency. It will take place at Campus Warsaw from February 2019.

  • October

    22 October

    Applications open

  • November

    19 November

    Applications close

  • February

    1 – 28 February

    Startups move into Campus

Our Alumni

  • The first class of Campus Residency was at Campus São Paulo in 2016, and the program has expanded to London, Madrid, Seoul, and Warsaw. Each Campus tailors the program to the needs of the local startup ecosystem. Our second class of residents at Campus Warsaw were startups from across all industries. Learn more about their businesses below.
  • $546,000,000

    funding raised by the Google for Startups startups community in 2018


    jobs created by the Google for Startups community in 2018

Get to know our current Residency class

  • Activy

    Activy Bike2Work is a mobile cycling game which help non-sporty people to build healthy habits by having fun.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Been There Together
    Been There Together

    BEEN THERE TOGETHER is a single player card game for playing in public spaces.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports Woman Founder
  • Crimson Pine
    Crimson Pine

    Crimson Pine is games and lifestyle apps development studio based in Poland with already 10 games published.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • ECC Games
    ECC Games

    ECC Games is a console and mobile developer of high quality motorsports games and applications.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Fuero Games
    Fuero Games

    Fuero Games is a game development studio consisting of over 30 industry professionals focused on delivering high quality games for their players.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Funstudio

    Funstudio identified the rising popularity of word games and decided to come with their mobile version, with high-focus on word quality (powered by the Oxford dictionaries databases) and fun gameplay.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Jet Toast
    Jet Toast

    Jet Toast is a startup specializing in free-to-play mobile games with one released title: Blocky Farm.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Mobile Arts
    Mobile Arts

    Mobile Arts is game dev studio focused on free-to-play games. Their goal is to constantly deliver high quality games for casual gamers with most popular application being "Don't touch my phone".

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • MythicOwl

    MythicOwl is creating quality games that inspire players to learn new skills. They want to encourage players to get the best out of gaming experience, giving products a creative, educational twist.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • Peaksel

    Peaksel they specialize in creating, publishing and marketing of mobile games and apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports
  • PelviFly

    1/3 of women suffers from urinary incontinence and pelvic floor muscles exercises are the first line of defence. PelviFly simplifies the access to practitioners and allows to exercise at home.

    Warsaw Health / Medical
  • Vixa Games
    Vixa Games

    Vixa Games is a Polish indie games developer studio. Vixa Games is up to its tricks since 2016, proudly sticking to its objective to make great mobile games and explore new genres and platforms.

    Warsaw Gaming / E-sports

Meet our Alumni

As a trained engineer struggling with her own fertility issues, founder Joanna looked for reliable, scientific resources online, but couldn’t find what she was looking for. That’s when she decided to launch OvuFriend. OvuFriend uses personal reproductive health data to develop recommendations and insights for women and couples struggling with fertility, providing each woman with data-driven, personalized feedback and reporting.

In June 2017 she was selected to be part of the first class of the Campus Residency program. That’s where she got confidence to expand her business and managed to take first steps of changing her pricing strategy and improving web analytics. Since its launch OvuFriend has already helped 40,000 women get pregnant.

“Here at Campus I am surrounded by and have access to individuals who want to have an impact, solve tough problems, or challenge the status-quo. I have never been more motivated and prepared to take OvuFriend to the next level.”

- Joanna Fedorowicz, founder of OvuFriend

Find out more about OvuFriend

Mentors and Advisors

Bespoke programming suited to each startup's needs. Get to know some of our immediate advisors, mentors and supporters.

  • mark
    Mark Zollner

    Head of Startup Advisor Team, VP Marketing, LiveCall

  • Dominik Andrzejczuk
    Dominik Andrzejczuk

    Managing Partner, Atmos Ventures

  • Efi Ben Artzy
    Efi Ben Artzy

    Operational Excellence & Business Transformation coach

  • Wojciech Barczyński
    Wojciech Barczyński

    Head of Engineering, Hypatos

  • Michał Bochowicz
    Michał Bochowicz

    Managing associate, Gessel

  • Kamil Ciukszo
    Kamil Ciukszo

    CEO & Co-founder, Alterdata

  • Maciej Filipkowski
    Maciej Filipkowski

    Investor, Supervisory Board Member

  • Marcin Kondrat
    Marcin Kondrat

    Marketing Manager

  • Marcin Kolenda
    Marcin Kolenda

    Co-founder, Alterdata

  • Dorota Korzeniowska
    Dorota Korzeniowska

    Finance Expert and Investor

  • Anna Lubowska
    Anna Lubowska

    Media and Marketing Expert

  • Małgorzata Marczewska
    Małgorzata Marczewska

    CEO, Coach and Trainer, LABlife

  • Łukasz Miądowicz
    Łukasz Miądowicz

    Developer Relations Manager, Huuuge Games

  • Grzegorz Pisarczyk
    Grzegorz Mogilewski

    CEO, Lafudu

  • Borys Musielak
    Borys Musielak

    Co-founder, Startup Poland

  • Mateusz Romanowski
    Mateusz Romanowski

    Founder, Sonarhome

  • Grzegorz Pisarczyk
    Grzegorz Pisarczyk

    Strategy & Team Building Consultant

  • Basia Sobowska
    Basia Sobowska

    Founder, MOST Partners

  • Peter Tuszyński
    Peter Tuszyński

    CTO, inFullMobile

  • Aleksander Wandzel
    Aleksander Wandzel

    VP Sales Marketing, Abstra

  • Aneta Wojnar
    Aneta Wojnar

    Marketing & PR Consultant


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