LL Innovation Workshop #5 - Future of Photography

Do you want to know, how to come up with new original ideas whenever you wish? Join us for the intensive workshop - and in just 2 hours we will show you, how to boost your creativity and find solutions to any problem. By the end of the evening, you will have invented something exciting. You will discover: ​ - how to create new ideas any time you wish, as many as you wish - how to get defined your ideas - how to effectively describe the idea for the next steps - some curious info on future and current trends (on the topic of the evening) ​ It's FREE. Bring your good mood, curiosity and willingness to use your brain. P.S. As well, if you don't like handwriting, bring your laptop and be green : ) ​ ATTENTION! These are highly practical workshops. You will have to use your brain to work and hands to write - and so to create things. ​30 places available. To save your spot, register here: https://www.leonardoleague.com/innovation-meetup-5
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Classroom Warsaw

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  • A Community-run event
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