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Catch the Tornado Meetup #5: Jak zmienić polski produkt w globalny sukces?

International success of a product is the goal of many startup founders. It is quite a challenge to prepare both the company and the team for international expansion. You will learn about the success factors of scaling the product abroad. You will also find out about the following:

16.00- 18.30 Panel:


·        How to get the first clients in the new market?

·        How to boost the lead conversion from abroad from 2% to 14 %?

·        How to scale the product in 115 markets?

·        How to annually double the income from abroad?

·        How to build a competitive advantage?

·        Is it better to customize the product or educate the market?

·        Which values can help with scaling?



·        Tomasz Karwatka, Catch the Tornado Co-founder

·        Maja Małyska, Catch the Tornado Dots CEO


Poznasz czynniki sukcesu skalowania produktu za granicą

16.00 Panel:

  • Jak przygotować organizację na wyjście za granicę?
  • Jak zdobyć pierwszych klientów na nowym rynku?
  • Jak dobrze wyselekcjonować rynek?
  • Jak ułożyć proces sprzedaży?
  • Jakie są efektywne kanały akwizycji klientów?
  • Jak zbudować przewagę konkurencyjną?
  • Czy customizować produkt czy edukować rynek?
  • Jak wartości mogą Ci pomóc w skalowaniu?


·        Tomasz Karwatka, Catch the Tornado Co-founder

·        Maja Małyska, Catch the Tornado Dots CEO

You can find more details here.

Event language: Polish
Joanna Drabent
( CEO, Prowly )
Thanks to persistent work with her team, she found a product market fit, established a competitive advantage on the global market and increased lead conversion from 2 to 14%. One of the few founders in the SaaS world with an exit to the prestigious American company Semrush.
Benjamin Kuna
( Co-founder, Tylko )
For 2 years he defined the product and 5 years waited for the first profit. Now he doubles revenues every year, has expanded the team to 200+ and operates in 30 markets. Great customer experience makes it easier for him to scale, and cooperation with top executives allows him to quickly develop the organization.
Piotr Orzechowski
( CEO, Infermedica )
Nobody wanted to invest in his idea, but he did not give up. After 4 hard years of bootstrapping, he won the first clients from abroad, built a 220+ team, and his product, available on 30 markets, enabled the initial diagnosis of 12 million patients.
Barbara Sołtysińska
( Co-founder, indaHash )
It connects influencers with big brands. Its platform is used by 1 million users from 115 countries. She has her own methodology for selecting new markets, a "good hand" for employing C-level and a work rhythm that allows her to stay up to date in such a globally operating company.

Date and time

Wednesday, 28, September 2022
4:00 pm - 9:30 am

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