Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has gone fully virtual. Google for Startups Campuses are currently closed until further notice.

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Startup School: Meet GA4 - the next generation of Google Analytics

This session will introduce Google Analytics 4 - a brand new analytics platform that is the future of Google Analytics!

Through interactive demonstrations, you will gain the skills to:

  • Understand the foundations of Google Analytics 4
  • Understand what has changed from Universal Analytics
  • Learn how to get started tracking data into a Google Analytics 4 property
  • Explore the Google Analytics 4 reporting interface
  • Make use of the unique features of Google Analytics 4, including Analysis Hub

Course agenda

  1. Introduction to GA4 - Why has the new platform been created? What has changed? How is data structured in GA4?
  2. GA4 implementation - What is the process to implement GA4 for my website? How can I make use of data streams and enhanced measurement?
  3. GA4 reporting - What standard reports are available in GA4 and how can I utilise them? How can I get started with Analysis Hub to produce custom analysis?

Who should attend?

Any startup founder who wants to understand how to make migrate their current Universal Analytics implementation to Google Analytics 4, and to start making use of the new and exciting features and functionality this platform provides.

What you’ll gain?

You’ll know the steps required to both implement and start reporting with Google Analytics 4, so you can harness the future of Google Analytics right away!

About the program

Startup School is a set of practical hands-on trainings to advance founders and their teams by providing them with tools and skills growing startups need. The highly interactive sessions cover a range of topics varying from digital marketing, product specific knowledge to business strategy. They are delivered live to a small group of startup founders and employees by professional trainers, Google experts, and industry specialists. 

Find out more about all the courses at: campus.co/startupschool.

Event Language: English
Date and Time

Friday, 21, May 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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