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Startup School: Google Cloud, Part 1 - fundamentals

An introduction to cloud computing. Gain an understanding of the key Google Cloud tools and services, and learn best practices such as choosing the right storage options, databases and managing costs.

Course agenda

  • Google Cloud Platform overview, including cloud computing, and Product categories
  • Best practices, such as choosing the right compute and storage options, the right databases and managing costs
  • Cloud Computing in practice; IOT Data Ingestion, ML-Based Order Bot

Who should attend
  • Individuals planning to deploy applications and create application environments on Google Cloud.
  • Developers, systems operations professionals, and solution architects getting started with Google Cloud.
  • Anyone evaluating the potential of Google Cloud to address their business needs.

What you’ll gain?

An understanding of the key Cloud tools that your business could use to automate and innovate with confidence on a reliable platform.

About the program

Startup School is a set of practical hands-on trainings to advance founders and their teams by providing them with tools and skills growing startups need. The highly interactive sessions cover a range of topics varying from digital marketing, product specific knowledge to business strategy. They are delivered live to a small group of startup founders and employees by professional trainers, Google experts, and industry specialists.

This course is a part 1 out of 2 on Google Cloud Platform for startups. Discover more at campus.co/startupschool/trainings

Event Language: English
Date and Time

Monday, 30, May 2022
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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