Google for Startups Yearbook

If 2020 has shown us one thing, it’s that communities are resilient and flexible even in the face of unprecedented global challenges. Here’s to the founders, their teams, Googlers, Google for Startups partners, and all our friends in our community and beyond who continued to adapt, grow, and support each other all year. This book dives into the challenges, lessons, and stories that made 2020—well—a year like no other.

Here’s to 2021!


Download the 2020 Yearbook

The Google for Startups 2020 Yearbook: Europe Edition

Learn more about the Google for Startups community and the lessons our founders are taking with them into 2021.


  • Introduction

    Learn more about Google for Startups in Europe.

  • Programs

    Discover more about the startups we’ve been working with in 2020.

  • Lessons for 2021

    Hear from founders and Googlers on what lessons they're taking into 2021.

Holiday Gift List

Explore gift ideas inspired by our very own startups.