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Campus Seoul FAQs

Why did Google create Google for Startups Campus?

Google began as a startup in a garage and we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. We believe in the convening power of physical space, so we create Campuses—hubs where entrepreneurs can discover a supportive community, get to work on their big idea, and gain access to critical resources like mentorship and technical training. Entrepreneurs build transformative products that can solve some of our biggest challenges. These same entrepreneurs also create jobs, strengthen economies, and improve the web.

How does the space at Campus work?

At Campus, we offer Member and Residency-dedicated workspaces. The Campus Cafe and Garden areas are available for all Campus members while our residency workspace is dedicated to startups who join the Google for Startups Residency program.

In addition, we have an event space equipped with AV technology and a capacity of around 100-120 seated or up to 150 standing. Event organizers can apply to host their events at our main event hall through the
Events page.

Where is Google for Startups Campus?

Google for Startups Campus is located in the heart of Seoul, B2 Autoway Tower, 417 Yeongdong-daero, Ganganm-gu, Seoul. Here's a map.

What sort of events will be held at Campus?

Google for Startups Campus hosts a wide variety of startup and entrepreneurship-related events and programs. In addition, community events are held at Campus by approved external organizers who wish to support the startup community. 

Who are our partners at Campus?

Campus operates on an "open source" model by collaborating with local partners. So far, we’ve partnered with Strong Ventures, Sparklabs, and Shinhan Square Bridge Incheon.

How do I register to be a Campus member?

Register here to join the Campus community. Once you pick up your member badge at Campus, you can enjoy the unique Campus experience. A photo ID is required when collecting your badge. 

What are the Campus opening hours?

Google for Startups Campus is open from Monday to Friday 9am–9pm, Saturday 9am–5pm, and closed on national holidays. The reception desk is open from Monday to Friday.

How do I use the Membership badge(card)?

Membership badges cannot be borrowed or given out to others. You must wear and display your badge at all times while you’re at Campus. You can bring up to three guests per day and all non-members who visit Google for Startups Campus must visit the reception desk and register as a guest. If you lose your membership badge, you will be required to pay a KRW 5,000 fee to have your card replaced.

What are the Membership benefits?

As a part of the Campus community, you can enjoy the unique Campus experience that comes with a free workspace, a startup network, and an opportunity to participate in various Campus programs and events.

Which space is open to Members?

Members have access to the Campus cafe and garden areas. Members can also enjoy various facilities, such as a member-dedicated elevator and a nursing room.

Who can be a Campus member?

Anyone who is passionate about growing a startup or being part of the startup community can register as a member. You can register here, visit the campus and present your photo ID at reception to collect your badge. Reception is open from 9am to 6pm. on weekdays.

What is Google for Startups Residency?

Google for Startups Residency brings growth-stage startups the best of Google's products, connections and best practices. Each startup receives tailored mentorship and workspace at Google for Startups Campus. Read more about the program in Seoul here.

How do I apply?

The online application takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. There is no “Save” function in the submission form, so we advise you to have all required information, including your one-minute introduction video, ready before you start your application.  Before you submit your application, please make sure you are a member of Google for Startups Campus and meet the below program requirements.

Who can apply?

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Startups that build a scalable product or service

  • Startups that utilize its proprietary technology

  • Have launched or plans to launch in overseas markets within 2021

  • Launched its product or service (after prototype testing)

  • Team size between two and 10 full-time employees

  • CEO is proficient in English for business

  • Startups that are officially incorporated

  • (Preferred) After-Seed stage

When is the application deadline?

As of 2020, the Google for Startups Residency program in Korea is accepting applications on a rolling basis so you may submit your application at any time. 

How long does the review process take?

The entire review process will take approximately six to eightweeks. Upon submitting your application, you will be contacted within two to four weeks if we would like to schedule an interview. Final candidates will be individually notified after the interview process.

How much does the program cost?

Residency is cost and equity-free. All we ask of our founders is that they engage fully in the program, and share what they’ve learned so far with our broader Campus community.

How do I host an event at Campus?

Event organizers can apply to host their events at our main event hall through the Events page. We receive a large number of applications so please allow up to 10 business days for a response. Applications can be submitted up to two months before the event and at least two weeks before the event. For example, an application that is submitted a week before the event will be automatically rejected.

What is the event capacity?

Google for Startups Campus offers an event space equipped with AV technology and a capacity of around 100-120 seated or up to 150 standing. Event organizers can apply to host their events at our main event hall through the Events page.

How much does it cost to rent the Main Event Hall?

While event hall rental fees are free, the event host is solely responsible for the overall operation of the event, including but not limited to promotion, facility management, and setup/cleanup of the space.

What is the application review process?

Applications are not approved automatically but are carefully reviewed based on their  contribution and impact to the startup community. Events that are free and open to the startup community are preferred. You cannot use the venue for commercial purposes.

What is the next step once our event is approved?

Once your event is approved, Campus event coordinator will reach out to you to arrange a mandatory Event Host Education Session. Google for Startups Campus reserves the right to cancel any events if the event host(s) fails to attend the session.

Are weekend rentals and parking space available?

Our event space is not available for weekend rentals. Autoway Tower parking is free for up to 30 minutes. You will be charged KRW 1,000 for every 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes. For more information, please contact the Autoway Tower Information Desk.