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Startup Growth Lab

An exclusive program for the most promising B2C/B2SMB startups in Israel.

Group sitting together talking, Startup Growth Lab, Campus Tel Aviv Google for Startups

About the program

Startup Growth Lab is a four-month journey to accelerate startups’ growth with the best of Google. Take part in hands-on workshops and ongoing 1:1 mentoring by top experts.

Program details

  • Main pillars

    Startup Growth Lab focuses on these pillars for growth: Brand Communication Strategy, Leadership, Product and UX/UI, Measurement, Google Ads, and YouTube for Action creatives and campaigns.

  • Growth drivers

    Startups join an exclusive forum of promising startups, receive tailored industry analysis and professional Google Ads support, and gain access to Google’s network of experts and mentors.

  • Eligible startups

    Israel-based startups with a B2C or B2SMB business model, growth stage, focus on global growth. Viable marketing function in-house, eager to conquer the world and make a difference.

  • Committment

    Startup marketing decision-makers must participate in all sessions. Other functions to participate in select sessions, according to the syllabus.

Startup Growth Lab in numbers

  • $4B

    raised by graduates

  • 8

    Rocket ships: six unicorns, one IPO, one exit

  • 4.5K

    People are employed by our graduates

  • 14

    Startup Growth Labs in different countries

The four-month journey

Startup Growth Lab occurs over four months, with different stakeholders (CEO, VP Marketing, VP Product, VP R&D) participating in courses according to this timeline:

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4

Month 1

"We are amazed by what we can do with the insights and information you gathered at almost any level of our marketing, branding, and even our product."

– Adi Wallach, CEO at Calmigo (SGL #5)

Month 2

"UI Sessions made us change and expand the conversation in the team, it was very inspiring."

Guy Einy, CPO at AI21 LABS (SGL #4)

Month 3

"The industry analysis was far above expectations. We immediately added some slides to our investors' presentation."

David Trelease Yitzhaki, CEO at Bookaway (SGL #2)

Month 4

"The most significant part to us was the ability to discuss and meet industry leaders and Google teams, and get data based recommendations to support our growth."

– Dan Landa, CMO at Circles (SGL #5)

Woman holding sign, Startup Growth Lab, Campus Tel Aviv, Google for Startups

Watch the Startup Growth Lab video

Watch the video

Our latest cohort

Apply to Startup Growth Lab

Want to learn from the experts and join forces with an exclusive forum of promising startups? Ask your VC to contact the Startup Growth Team. Applications for Cohort 6 open in Q3. The program starts in Q4.

Startup Growth Lab graduates