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Google for Startups Residency

The best of Google's expertise and connections for startups

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Designed for you to succeed

Google for Startups Residency is a 6 months program that offers personalised support and unique access to Google resources, experts and global connections besides working space and integration with other founders.

We’re looking for innovative startups to participate in our Residency #5 class. The program will be focused on developing the main pillars:

  • Product
  • Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management & Leadership Skills

It aims to support the strategic and measurable growth of startups in the growth stage. To do so, since good leaders are the ones that create the best companies and attract and develop the best talents, we offer a profound processo os leadership development to the founders.

Aplication for the 2020 edition of the program are now closed. Check back later for 2021 applications.

The Program

Benefits for startups participating in Class #5

Access to the Google for Startups network of Alumni, experts and partners

Tailor made mentoring opportunities, meetings and workshops with functional experts, from UX/UI, to sales, marketing, technology and others.

Google for Startups team support

Support from the Google for Startups team in Brazil, with a special focus on the implementation and review of OKRs (management strategy for goal settings).

Google's best practices

Connect with the Google team and get to know the company's best practices for inspiration and practical advice on your startup's main challenges.

Leadership development

Google for Startups Residency focus on developing leadership and team management abilities, focusing on startup founders and management.

Exclusive opportunities for Residents

Networking, exclusive content and access to global programs ran either by Google for Startups or its partners network.


6 months of guaranteed workspace at Campus, in São Paulo, and preferred access to our event spaces, all Campuses around the globe and partner operated spaces worldwide.

Google products credits

Get credits for Google products, such as Google Cloud Platform.

Cost and Equity Free

Residency is cost and equity free. All we ask of our founders is that they engage fully in the program, and share what they’ve learnt so far with our broader Campus community.

Alumni Network

Be a part of the global network of startups that have been through Google programs.

"There are only two phases in Hondana's growth: before Residency and after Residency."

-Greg Bateman, Founder of Hondana

Greg Bateman, Founder of Hondana
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Selection Criteria

Google for Startups Residency aims to select startups that are innovative and are developing high impact solutions for real life problems through technology.

We'll go through every application and we have a special interest towards startups who are developing solutions based in machine learning/artificial intelligence, smart cities, emerging markets and/or are focused on social impact and sustainability.

The selection is based on the criteria below and startups are screened by a panel of ecosystem leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and the Google team.

Also, to take part in the Program, your startup must:

  • Have stacked teams with technical and business functions.
  • Ideally have a diverse team (in gender, race and background).
  • Have a team of 3-8 team members, preference for co-founded companies (flexible in case of remote teams).
  • Have a product already launched in the market, with demonstrated traction and potential for scalability and impact.
  • Be solving a meaningful/big problem with an innovative solution.
  • Have revenue from users/customer or funding (12+ month runway), typically in Seed stage.
  • Have founders who speak English.
  • Have a core team that will be based in São Paulo during the entire program.
  • Be willing to contribute and engage in the growth of the Google for Startups community.

Timeline | Class #5

Program will take place at Google for Startups Campus in São Paulo from April up until October 2020.

  • January 2020

    13 - 31 January

    Applications Open

  • March 2020

    Announcement of selected startups

  • April 2020

    Move-in of startups and program start date

Resident Startups

  • Since 2016, when Google for Startups Residency was first launched, 36 startups have already completed their cycles with the São Paulo team and have shown significant results:
  • 124%
    in average startup's revenue growth during the program.

    in average startup's team growth during the program.

Our Residency Cohort

  • 12min

    12min is a Mobile SaaS platform that provides career, business, and self-development book summaries to be listened or read in a couple minutes, on the go.

    Sao-Paulo Education
  • Ahazou

    Ahazou is a Digital Assistant for Small Business owners to boost their Brand on social media channels. It creates and recommend marketing content based on customer's preferences and engagement.

    Sao-Paulo Advertising
  • ChatClass

    ChatClass is the next generation conversational learning platform, powered by artificial and human intelligence, to assist English teachers and students at schools.

    Sao-Paulo Education
  • Cosmobots

    Cosmobots is an all-in-one intuitive platform to create and manage ChatBots oriented to customer service.

    Sao-Paulo Data & Analytics
  • N2B

    N2B provides healthcare through nutrition, offering menus according to objectives, a chat with nutritionists, and a food timeline where users posts meals and receive real time nutritional analysis.

    Sao-Paulo Health / Medical
  • Onyo

    Onyo is a platform through which restaurants can organize themselves and customers can order and pay ahead and just be notified when their order is ready for pickup.

    Sao-Paulo Ecommerce / Consumer
  • Skore

    Skore is a cross-team knowledge platform that ties into users workflow allowing information transfer and quicker results.

    Sao-Paulo Productivity
  • Vooozer

    Vooozer is a one stop solution for publishers to distribute audio versions of their text content within their own websites, enhancing their content reach, acquiring customer loyalty with positive ROI.

    Sao-Paulo Publishing / Content Creation

Meet our Alumni

Trakto is a startup that helps SMBs to easily create their marketing material by using a cloud-based platform. According to Paulo, cofounder of the company, Trakto had a credibility issue as it was a business from Alagoas, a state in Brazil usually known for tourism, and not its tech.

"When we say we are from Maceió, people disregard us. And that bothers us." According to the founder, aside from all the support in product and business development, being a part of a Google product was a validation that was game-changer: "what Google did was to say they believed in us."

"When we went through the Residency Program, we were able to make our first million Brazilian Reais. We grew the number of accesses to our landing page, converted trials and subscribers by 3x. Once you go through a program like this, you start to be noticed as a more valued company."

Click and get to know Trakto's full story

Trakto | Maceió, AL, Brazil

Google for Startups Alumni Network

Every startup that go through the Google for Startups Residency Program become a part of our Alumni Network, which also brings together businesses that took part in other long term Google programs in Brazil and worldwide.

Click and get to know all the startups in our network

Amongst the startups in our network are IDwall, Cuponeria and Gupy, for instance:

  • IDwall


    Grew their team 500% and raised their first million dollars in funding during the program.

  • Cuponeria


    Grew 640% in MRR during the program, aside from doubling their team.

  • Gupy


    Grew 820% in revenue during the program, aside from making their team grow 3x. 85% of new hires are women.

  • ChatClass


    Grew over 700% in revenue during the program, aside from growing the number of female emplyoees by 3x.


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