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Campus São Paulo FAQs

When did the Google for Startups Campus in São Paulo reopen?

Campus reopened on May 23, 2022, initially for Black Founders Fund startups and startups that have already gone through long-term Google for Startups acceleration programs.

Will Campus still be the main place for startups to access mentorships offered through programs?

Due to all the changes we have seen in recent years, the physical space of Campus São Paulo now has a different purpose. In this new phase, Campus will be open to startups that are participating in existing programs. It will also be available to startups that are selected for the Black Founders Fund.

In addition, the network of more than 300 startups that have already gone through programs will have access to the space, in accordance with its occupancy rules.

Campus Cafe, an open access co-working space for the startup community, has ceased to operate.

What is the reason for changes in Campus operations?

Since opening in Brazil in 2016, Google for Startups has pursued its main mission of helping Brazilian startups to grow. Since then, more than 300 tech companies that were taking their first steps have gone through the programs offered by Google for Startups.

During this time, the country's innovation ecosystem has evolved considerably: Brazil now has more than 13,000 startups, spread across more than 692 cities. The maturity of the Brazilian community is evident in the number of unicorns—companies that have been valued at at least $1 billion. In 2016, there were no unicorns in the country, and today, there are more than 20. This number is second only to the U.S. and China. It’s already surpassed the number of unicorns in Germany, England, and Israel.

Nowadays, the scene is different and the challenges of national startups are more specific, related to technology and business. And, in keeping with its aim of collaborating with the country's ecosystem, Google for Startups is increasingly focused on fostering diversity in the tech community and offering programs and mentorships that meet the needs of advanced startups.

Why can't I work from Campus anymore?

With the reopening of the physical space, Campus now serves other purposes. From now on, access will be limited per the occupancy guidelines to startups participating in the Black Founders Fund and other current programs, in addition to startups that have recently completed Google for Startups programs. Considering that the Brazilian ecosystem has evolved significantly since the initiative first launched, Google believes that this is the most effective way to apply its physical resources to continue helping startups.

Will Campus still hold events for the general public?

Yes, we have a few partner organizations that will host events at Campus in collaboration with Google for Startups. These events will be open to the community in person, with the option to join virtually.

These events will be announced in the Google for Startups Newsletter, on the partners’ official channels, and on the website.

Is Google for Startups still interested in helping Brazil's innovation ecosystem develop?

Google for Startups will continue to help the Brazilian tech ecosystem, but in a different format than what was originally launched in 2016. This is mainly due to the evolution of the ecosystem in the last five years, with Brazilian startups and entrepreneurs now at a much higher level of maturity and development.  With an eye toward fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, Google for Startups is increasingly focused on offering programs and mentorships that help develop leaders and which address specific technology, product, and business challenges in different economic sectors. We believe that this has an impact on and is relevant to the current ecosystem far beyond providing physical space for work and meetings.

Why was the cafe space at Campus closed?

We understand that the community’s needs have changed over the past two years. Most networking is done virtually and the challenges faced by startups have become more focused on technology and business. With this in mind, it’s possible to use the physical space in a more productive way that better meets the needs of the Brazilian ecosystem.

Why doesn't Google for Startups allow more startups in the space?

Google will continue to welcome startups to work from Campus. In this first phase of reopening, startups supported by the Black Founders Fund or participating in our programs will have priority access during operating hours, which are from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. The Residency Program will no longer take place, but all startups participating in current or former programs will be able to attend Campus during the new open hours.

What is the criteria for a startup to be able to work from Campus?

At this time, startups that are supported by the Black Founders Fund, that are participating in ongoing programs, or that have already gone through a Google for Startups program will be able to attend Campus, in accordance with current occupancy guidelines.

How can I work from Campus?

You will be able to attend Campus São Paulo if your startup is selected to participate in a Google for Startups program or receives funding from the Black Founders Fund. In addition, we are back to holding some events open to the community that are offered by Google partner organizations.

How can I apply for a Google for Startups program and use the Campus space?

Applications for all Google for Startups programs can be found on our website. Some are available on an ongoing basis, with specific application periods, and others offer open enrollment at set times throughout the year. To learn more about existing programs and their selection processes, follow our Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter.

Will all startups participating in Google for Startups programs have access to Campus?

All startups participating in ongoing or in previous Google for Startups programs and startups supported by the Black Founders Fund will have access to Campus, per current occupancy guidelines.

Is the use of Campus workspaces still free of charge?

Startup groups invited by Google to use Campus workspaces can continue to access the building free of charge.

I don't have a startup yet, but I would like to connect with other entrepreneurs to share experiences and advice. Will Google for Startups provide some sort of space or program for this?

Google for Startups will continue to promote networking within the ecosystem through events, whether in person, virtual, or hybrid.

It is important to note that Google for Startups was created to support companies based on technology and innovation. For other types of small and medium businesses, unrelated to the universe of startups, Google has other support initiatives, such as Grow with Google.

What are the health security protocols for accessing Campus?

It will be necessary to present proof of full vaccination at check-in, and the space has hand sanitizer available at several locations for hygiene. The use of face masks is currently mandatory. Google for Startups continues to monitor the status of the pandemic, and rules regarding social distancing may be revised if necessary.

What will happen to the data I provided for accessing Campus before the pandemic?

Except in cases where a pre-established procedure for data deletion was already in effect at the time of registration, Google will maintain your data in accordance with its Terms of Use and Privacy policies. We will use your data to send newsletters and invitations to sign up for programs and initiatives. But you have full control over your data, per Google's policies. If you would like your data to be deleted, please send an email making this request to gfsprivacy@google.com.

I am already a member of another Google for Startups Campus. Will my badge work at Campus São Paulo?

No. All Campus units around the world that are in operation currently only offer access to the space to startups participating in Google for Startups' long-term programs. If you are an employee of a startup participating in a Google for Startups program in another country, contact the team responsible for Campus in the country where you are located for guidance on how to visit Campus São Paulo.

Does my old membership badge still give me access to other Campuses around the world?

No. All Campus units around the world that are in operation are only open to startups participating in Google for Startups' long-term programs. If you are a participant in a program in Brazil and want to visit a Campus in another country, please contact our team for guidance.

I am a founder or employee of a startup participating in a long-term Google for Startups program. Can I take my children with me to Google for Startups Campus?

Your children are also welcome at our space! Children under 18 must be accompanied during your entire visit. If your child is three years old or younger, you can also enjoy our Family Lounge on the fourth floor, to facilitate the care of your little one and work more comfortably.

I am a founder or employee of a startup participating in a long-term Google for Startups program. Can I bring my pet to work with me at Campus?

Our Campus is a dog-friendly space and we love to welcome pets. But, of course, there are some policies for having pets in the shared workspace. Contact our team to receive all the necessary guidance to bring your dog to Campus.

A person from a participating startup invited me to a meeting at Campus. How can I access the space? Do I need to register?

If a startup participating in a Google for Startups program has invited you to a meeting at Campus, it is necessary for the startup itself to notify our reception team of your arrival. Startups that have access to the space know the rules for holding meetings and will share all the necessary information with our team. Upon arrival, we will need a photo ID and proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.

I signed up for an event that will take place at Google for Startups Campus. How do I access the space? Do I need to register?

Access for event participants is the responsibility of the organization hosting the event. When you arrive at Campus, look for signs or ask our reception team where to find the check-in for the event. Remember that to access Campus, even if only for one event, you will need to present your proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Can I continue to use the Campus space after participating in an event?

No. Event participants have free access only to event spaces and only for the duration determined by each event’s host organization.

I am not a member of Campus nor do I work for a participating startup. Can I visit the space?

At this time, Campus is not accepting visitors. Entry is authorized only for founders and employees of startups participating in Google for Startups' long-term programs and their guests. However you may visit if you are invited to participate in an event that takes place at Campus.

How can I host an event at Google for Startups Campus?

Right now, Campus is working with a list of select event organizers based on their content. But this list can always be updated to include new event organizers; if you want to hold an event at Campus São Paulo and you are not yet an event organizer already approved by our team, send an email with details to saopaulo@campus.co. If our team confirms that your proposal is suitable for the type of events we host in the space, we will contact you.