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Global GameJam @ Google Campus Warsaw

Global GameJam 2020 is coming and Google Campus Warsaw is inviting you to take part.

If you're passionate about game development, whether you are a veteran or just taking your first steps, we are excited to welcome you to the Campus Warsaw on 31st of January 2020 for the first GameJam of this kind on our premises. Read on for more information and the instructions on how to register.

What is a game jam?

GameJam is a (typically) 48 hour event, where people come together to create games. Computer games, board games or even card games can be created as long as they are inspired by the jam theme and satisfy its requirements. The point is to meet people, learn new things and of course create amazing games!

There is no single skill that is absolutely necessary to enjoy a game jam! You could be good at drawing, making music, designing, project management or coding and/or some other ability that you never thought you had. If you are excited about the games - you will most likely enjoy the experience.

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What to expect if you participate?

The game jams usually unfold like this:

  • Participants assemble at the jam sites. Either individually, or in groups.
  • Keynote is played and the theme of the jam is announced by the organizers on Friday
  • The next 48 hours - part of Friday, all of Saturday and part of Sunday is jamming time. Games are developed during this time and submitted by a certain deadline to the common repository.
  • There (usually) is voting at this point and the winners are presented.
  • We say thank you to all the awesome people we met on the jam and go home :)

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Global Game Jam @ Google Campus Warsaw starts on Friday, 31st of January at 4pm and finishes on Sunday 2nd of February at 5pm.

What do I need to participate?

The event is free for everyone, but you will need to:

  • register for the event at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw (that will give you a badge that will be needed to enter the Campus building during the jam
  • register as a Global Game Hame 2020 participant during the event (Global Game Jam registration for our site will open when event starts).

You will need some form of government issued identification document with a photo to be issued the badge.

Event Language: English
Date and Time

Friday, 31, January 2020 4:00 pm -
Sunday, 02, February 2020 5:00 pm

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