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Google for Startups Accelerator helps your startup innovate and grow by sharing our knowledge of building successful companies, adopting an AI-first methodology, and leadership best practices.  What’s more, we connect you with expert mentors from across the globe to support on technical and product problem solving.

Startup School

Startup School

Business Model Mastering
The business acceleration programme based on a series of interactive workshops during which the participants receive knowledge, tools and guidance on how to use them practically to increase the efficiency of their current business models.

Performance Marketing
A set of courses focused on getting the right traffic on your websites and social media. Check how to plan a digital marketing strategy and effectively use your resources to reach up to 90% of your target clients.

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Founders Academy

Founders Academy

Founders Academy is a set of unique programs to help startup founders thrive in unprecedented complexity. We aim to develop deeply-human leaders who see further, think wider and guide others to step up to the demands of tomorrow's users and the global society.

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