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Celebrating Women Founders

Highlighting how innovation happens everywhere.

Prominent women

Meet women founders in our community

We believe diverse teams create better startups, but we also see that the tech ecosystem has a major diversity problem: Women and minorities are underrepresented at every level. We are committed to changing that. Through programs like Immersion: Women Founders, which aims to close the gender gap, ensure more equal access to funding, and leverage strong professional networks and partner organizations to support women-led startups around the world.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating women founders in our community. Read their stories below.

Kasia Dorsey

Yosh AI

Kasia Dorsey has been engaged in voice search using artificial intelligence since 2016 when she founded Yosh.AI. Her goal is to change the face of modern communication and create additional value for millions of users. A key factor in her startup’s development was a supportive community of mentors and advisers at Google for Startups who helped her realize her vision. Now, Yosh AI solutions are integrated with Google Assistant, and the startup has become a Google Cloud partner. Today, the startup is growing rapidly.

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Iga Czubak


Iga Czubak came up with an idea for Qurczak, a plant-based meat alternative. Qurczak introduces people to changes to their diet that are beneficial for their health, the environment, and animals, without sacrificing their favorite flavors. Qurczak shows how a plant-based kitchen can be just as tasty and balanced, as a meat-based one. Czubak's products contain all the essential amino acids that the human body needs. Despite intensive development, they decided to take part in Google for Startups’ Program. Its business model mastering helped Czubak lay the foundations for her business model and long-term strategy. She translated what she learned into intelligent, efficient, and effective operational decisions to further develop her startup. 

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Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczyńska and Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska


Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczyńska and Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska are a sister power duo behind Whisbear, a line of humming teddy bears that help children fall asleep. The idea for a business used by parents in more than 30 countries around the world was born as a result of sleepless nights spent beside their own babies’ beds. The company was born out of a sense of motherly mission and passion. Thanks to participation in Google for Startups’ Immersion: Women Founders program, the founders were able to exchange experiences with like-minded women and draw inspiration to further their business work.

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Tessa Mciver


After years of working in corporate settings, Tessa and the other founders of FixMix dreamt about founding a startup that would help them realize their passions. With a goal to encourage people to live more sustainably and move away from disposable culture, they decided to start a business to give a second life to everyday items. The catalyst that transformed their idea into real business was participation in the pre-acceleration program organized by Google for Startups and Huge Thing. Thanks to the experts' support, they were able not only to launch their service but also to generate extra profit for the craftspeople that they are working with.

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Asia Fedorowicz


Asia Fedorowicz came up with an idea for OvuFriend while she was trying to get pregnant. She realized that there are many women who cannot get pregnant for months and don’t have any reliable source of knowledge supported by scientific data on how to fight infertility. She decided to change that and launched OvuFriend, a web platform and a mobile application supported by artificial intelligence. Based on its analysis of health data and menstrual cycles, OvuFriend helps women learn about their fertility, get pregnant faster, and detect hormonal health issues in the early stages. While expanding her business, she came across Google for Startups where she found a vibrant and supportive community, as well as experts dedicated to helping startups question the status quo.

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Urszula Herman


Urszula Herman embodies an unusual mix of a scientist and a businesswoman. She has been dealing with urogynecological rehabilitation for 10 years, but despite the fact that she worked in a rehabilitation office and wrote a doctoral dissertation on the subject, nowhere had she found a simple tool that would ensure effective training of the pelvic floor muscles. That's why she created Pelvifly. It supports women who exercise their muscles in an interactive way using mobile games, and rehabilitation specialists who finally have access to the biomechanical parameters of the muscles. Plus, Pelvifly increases the regularity of the exercises, which also increases their effectiveness. Participation in Google for Startups program helped Ula and her team to internationally scale up their business.

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