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Five years of Google for Startups in Central and Eastern Europe

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In November 2015, Google opened its first space for startups in Central and Eastern Europe. Since then, a lot has changed in the startup ecosystem. Discover how the startup ecosystem grew over the last five years. Find out how the Praga district (where Campus Warsaw is located) evolved. Learn more about our ever-growing community of innovators and forward thinkers.

Just a heads up, the report is only available in Polish. 

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"In November 2015 we opened our doors to startups founders from across the Central and Eastern European region because we passionately believe startups are shaping the future, and we have the resources and connections to help them grow. Over the last 5 years, we have been supporting founders in their endeavour to question the status quo and move the world forward and Campus grew to become home for programs, events, and a growing community of startup founders. If we’ve learned anything, it is this: No matter if the startups are just starting out, keeping the lights on, or scaling to meet the needs of new consumers, businesses, and society — we will keep on connecting them with the right products, skills, and people, to navigate the road ahead. Because when they succeed, we all do."

- Michał Kramarz, Head of Google for Startups Central and Eastern Europe

Our Journey

The Campus in Warsaw opened in 2015, and since then, it has been home to growing startups from across Central and Eastern Europe.

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    Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw opens


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    Campus moves to a new building to fit our growing community


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    We host our first pan-regional event of international investors, the Venture Capital Summit


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    We celebrate our community of 1,500+ startups


1,800+ startups are part of the Google for Startups community

"Here at Campus Warsaw, I am surrounded by and have access to individuals who want to have an impact, solve tough problems, or challenge the status quo. I have never been more motivated and prepared to take OvuFriend to the next level.” - Joanna Fedorowicz, Founder and CEO of OvuFriend

More than half of our startups generate revenue and a quarter are at the scaling stage

“After our first successes, like many other startups, we reached a point when scaling up and entering another level of growth became a challenge. During Google for Startups program, we reevaluated our whole business model and analyzed every aspect of our company's strategy, which enabled us to keep growing." - Iga Czubak, founder and CEO of Qurczak

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Startups in our community have hired 43,000+ employees

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"We grew from a three-person startup to a company of over 50 employees. Taking part in Google for Startups events taught us a lot about management and how to look at our business from a different perspective. A wide range of topics that we learned about made us a stronger startup."- Damian Fijałkowski, co-founder of T-Bull

Women make up 35% of our community

"We believed from the start that Whisbear was more than just a toy manufacturer. The company was born out of a maternal mission, and we did not lose sight of that—not even for a moment. We love exchanging experiences with other women, and we draw inspiration  for future work from our community." - Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska, co-founder of Whisbear

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One of the leading industries represented is Gaming

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"It's amazing how Google for Startups Accelerator brought people together and created a platform for us to exchange views. The program was a great opportunity for us to establish contacts with similar startups that face the same challenges as we do. We have learned how to set goals and strive to achieve them, and we want to promote this approach further and motivate others to act." - Irmina Koniecka, co-founder of Chess and Checkers

Over 97,000 people have visited Campus Warsaw since it opened in 2015

“Campus mentors from all over the world helped us refine and communicate our story and product. They truly believed in our idea and shared it with their networks—well beyond the startup community.” - Tomasz Plata, co-founder & CMO of Autenti

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